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Mongoose, the Powerful DIY Electric Bike!

Here’s a guy who built a really powerful (lookin’) electric bike, fitted with batteries that can jump even cars.  There’s even an onboard GPS so you can never get lost while a full charge gets you up to 150 miles.

Watch the video and become “impressed”:


432 Sony 18650V (known as Konion).used

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Today On Keetsa!

Yes, Keetsa has been posting TONS of eco-friendly related stuff and we are here to cover that too:


For all you LOLcat-lovers, you might want to check out the DIY Cat Scratcher for your furry friends.  Also check out animal-friendly vegan hiking shoes that might be worth your time.


Here’s a

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Top 10 Re-cap of Green Technology!

Well, there’s been a LOT going on in the world making our technology more green and here’s a slew of green technology you will love that I handpicked from our green blog Keetsa:

Wishbone Bike is a green bike that can be adjusted for 2 different heights, perfect for your toddler.

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DIY Eco-Car Runs on Trash!


How cool is this?  This is like that Back to The Future car!

The Gasifier Experimenters Kit (GEK) offers beginners through experts an easy way build, compare and customize a wide variety of gasifier reactor types and configurations. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a university researcher, the GEK will get you over the starting hurdles of biomass gasification, and on to the more rewarding work of refining s

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New Years 2009 Resolution – Use Greener Gadgets!

Well, for the year 2009, one of my new years resolution is to use greener gadgets or in other words, stuff that can make our earth better.

Here’s a list of greener gadgets you might want to consider for the next year:

For personal use:

Have an iPhone?  Don’t forget to get one of these solar iPhone chargers that doubles as protection too.

I am sure you’ve probably seen this Sol

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Greener New Years Ball for New York in 2009!

New York City will not only be pedal-powering their New Years ball, the ball itself is about 10-20% more energy efficient over last year’s ball.  I am beginning to like New York City’s efforts in greening stuff, sorta like San Francisco.

On the side note, my favorite trance DJ Tiesto will be at New York, too bad I will be in San Fran.


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New Years in New York will be Powered by Pedals!

(Image Credit)

New Years event in New York City Times Square “next” year, will be powered in part by pedals by humans.

How cool is that?  Save earth.

Duracell has set up a “power lodge” in Times Square where visitors are ushered to a row of bicycles with generators connected to a set of massive batteries.

So far the project has collected 95 hours of pedal powe

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DIY MPG Improvements – How to get more MPGs per trip

The following video has some of the best gas hacks I’ve ever heard. They are so simple, and it says it’s okay to use the AC! These tips are so easy, and they can save you money. And, did you know the Model T got 15 mpg? That’s better than a lot of cars out there today! What have we been up to all these years?

Let us know your gas saving tip in the comments!

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Home Improvement DIY – How to Make LED Chandelier for lighting up your Kitchen in Low-Energy Style!

In case you haven’t noticed, eco-friendly and green people have been trying to replace traditional energy-robbing halogen bulbs with bunch of low-energy, low-cost LEDs.  Which is a great thing for safety, energy, and also creative DIYs such as this one that shows you how to make LED chandelier for low-energy, high-style kitchen.

I wanted to experiment with a lot of LED;s on AC mains, and this

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204 Horsepower Electric Mini!

Check out the new E-Mini, loaded with 204 horsepower from its lithium batteries.  The new electric Mini will be available for demo to

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