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RealDVD offers Unlimited DVD downloads to your PC for a Flat Fee!

RealDVD is now offering unlimited downloads of DVDs to your PC for a flat fee so you can hook up your HDTV and watch high-quality movies.

I bet there would be many more sites like this in the near future, it’s a great idea for people who refuse to pay their cable bills.

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LG Hybrid Digital Frame/DVD Player!

It seems like a great idea when you couple a digital frame with a DVD player and LG has just done that with their new hybrid digital frame/DVD player.

I think a lot of digital frame manufacturers will start implementing similar hybrid systems for those of you who need a digital frame with extra DVD player capability on-the-go.

You can get it at

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Dash, in-car Navigation Company Launches their API!



Here’s Dash, a company that makes in-car navigation opening their API for developers to develop apps for their navigation system.

Sounds like a great idea, it will work a lot better if they offered some prizes like Google (GOOG) has been doing with their

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BMW Adds Full Internet Access to Its iDrive

BMW adds full internet access to their iDrive.  This is something I have been thinking about, putting a web browser into the car navigation.  If everything goes as planned, we should have some people “Site Hopping” while they are stuck at the light and make us couple million bucks.

I think this is a smart move by BMW as some car manufacturer is going to put that web browser on the car navigation.  Why not?  The screen’s there

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DIY DVD Hack – How to copy HD DVD and Blu-Ray Movies!

Oh okay, this one might be on the borderline of legalness but its actual use is to make backups of your HD DVDs or Blu-Ray discs. They have free trial download so check it out here if you need it.

Slysoft says the new version of its AnyDVD programme allows users to make “backup security copies” of high definition movies.

The claim is a blow to Sony which developed the Blu-ray format.

The discs are protected by an anti-piracy system called BD+.

When it l

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