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South Koreans now MAD at Apple as a Country, not just about Samsung anymore.

(A typical comments box at a Korean website)

South Koreans are now deeply hurt and mad at Apple as a whole country about Apple’s recent lawsuit to Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1, which has been halted of sales in Europe.

So what?

There’s evidence that Apple has altered evidence images, as see here:

One thing I (and probably most people of the world) have no tolerance of cheating, stealing, and lying. Clearly, Apple is just trying

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Apple Blocks Sale of Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Europe!

Personally, I think the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the best tablet on the market now. It’s thinner AND lighter than an iPad 2, can be overclocked to 1.4Ghz dual-core, and even run Ubuntu!

So, is Apple getting desperate?

I think so, they are 

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iOS5 Beta 5 Gets Jailbreak!

iOS5 Beta 5 finally gets jailbroken, of course this isn’t a full jailbreak rather a “tethered” jailbreak meant for jailbroken app developers. For all of you interested in early-adoption of the jailbreak, check out the Dev Team Blog.

THIS IS A TETHERED JAILBREAK ONLY! No new exploits are being exposed with this jailbreak (it uses geohot’s limera1n bootrom exploit), but that comes at a cost. You will need to use redsn0w to “Just boot tethered now” to be able to use many things, including Cydia and

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Apple’s Secret Plans to Take Over the World in 2015! [Image Cache]

If you’ve seen Google’s Masterplan for world domination, you are going to be interested in what Steve Jobs has it coming by year 2015.

via iretireearly

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South Koreans “Not Happy” at Apple and Steve Jobs!

According to numerous Korean tech sites I have read through just now, South Koreans are very “unhappy” about the fact that Apple and Steve Jobs left out South Korea from its iPhone 4 launch.  While many other countries including UK customers have gotten hands-on the iPhone 4, South Korea has been left out, where it has a strong hold on smartphone consumers.

In addition, South Korea’s only iPhone provider KT, is having trouble explaining to customers when exactly iPhone 4 will be available.  KT is currently able to sell iPhone 3Gs 8GB versions, 16GB and 32GB are ha

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iCon Bed for Apple Fanboys!

For Apple fanboys and fangirls out there, here’s a cool iCon bed that features speakers, iPad/iPod/iPhone docks on the headboard, all iced with a fully adjustable mattress.

Will be coming to Hollandia International soon.

via bedzine

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iTree – iPod Speaker/Dock inside a Hollowed Tree!

Here’s a really cool iPod speaker/dock that uses a hollowed tree as its base.  I wonder how good the bass is and I am bettin’ it’s pretty darn good.  Now, can you put some subs in there?

This huge hollowed tree trunk serves as an iPod dock and speaker system. Created by Austrian design studio KMKG, it weighs in at 60 kg (about 130 lbs).

They describe it as “just a simple tree (trunk) hollowed out with a special technique to create extraordinary sound.” They worked with speaker company Lenz on the sound engineering, customers can choose the type

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Look Inside Apple’s Antenna Testing Lab!

Apple has recently allowed the selected few journalists and bloggers to enter their “secret” antenna testing lab.  They’ve spent millions of dollars on this and I think it’s wonderful.

Let me say it looks more like a scene out of a science fiction book than a lab.

But really though, $100 million antenna testing labs aren’t going to help if you still come up with a phone that drops calls and has antenna reception problems.

How about hire me instead for a $100 million, I will put a clear, epoxy coat over the antenna, fixing the probl

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Steve Jobs “Finally” Decides to give out iPhone 4 Bumpers Free!

In press conference today for Apple, Steve Jobs finally decided to give out free bumpers for solving iPhone 4’s antenna reception problems.


(Image Credit)

Some people’s ego’s are up their ass so much, it take them OVER A MONTH to do something they should have done at the launch.

This solution still doesn’t solve the actua

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iPhone 4 Class Action Suit Filed, “I am Going To Hold the Phone Anyway I like it!”

I saw this coming when I first about Steve Jobs telling customers, “Avoid holding it that way”.

Apple and Jobs needs to come clean about their hardware flaws with its antenna.

Clearly, it’s a simple matter, the two antennas, one for Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS and the other for UMTS/GSM for network data/voice.  When you short the two antennas with a human hand or anything conductive for the matter, they will interfere with each other.  

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