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Snob Gadget – Skydiving Simulator!


If you had all the money in the world, I suggest you to get one of these really cool Skydiving simulators in your home.  Of course, you will have to substitute couple Lamborghinis for this, but I’d say it’s still worth it.

Our purpose in the industry is to make the ‘vertical wind tunnel’ a household word. We believe that EVERYONE should have the opportunity to experience this incredible feeling of freedom & fun. As a skydiving drop-zone training aid or as an amusement p

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If you are looking to skydive and you are in the States, you might want to check out as they offer nationwide reservations for skydiving lessons.

I will have to hold off on my first skydiving lesson but it’s good to know that you can learn to fly air. (or even really let yourself go if you get one of those batman-like wingsuits)

Check out some of the stages of lessons yo

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