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E-Ball bring Golf Simulator to your Home!

Man, if I had enough money, I’d get a big fat house with a big fat ceiling office where I can blog and play golf right in my office during break.

E-Ball brings you this cool Golf Simulator to the market.  Basically it’s the similar to the commercial ones you see at the arcade.

Will someone get me one please?

E Ball’s golf simulator offers the most realistic golf experience on the market today.

Players see a huge vi

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Golf Ball Mouse and Mousepad!

As an avid golfer, I cannot miss out on cool gadgets like this golf ball mouse and mouse pad. The product also comes with a mini-ball and a putter.

The mouse even light up!!! (I think when you make it in the hole…)

This week Green House introduced a cheap gadget which I’m sure some people will like (particularly those who sit in offices, bored out of their wits). This USB mouse is almost golf ball shaped and the mouse pad resembles a green. You even get a flag and

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I hit the ball great today!


Well, sometimes I do get very burned out from blogging 24/7, here’s my swing analysis of my own golf swing and a video of a 3 wood shot I hit perfect! today at the Harding Park GC driving range.

The greatest feeling in the world comes when you hit the ball great.  I think so… maybe I am a golf geek…haha

And did you know I started this blog so I can pay for my future golf tours? Lol… I bet you didn’t

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DIY – How to Make a Golf Hole/Cup using a Pringles Can!


I usually use an empty glass jar to practice my putting indoors but here’s a great DIY showing you how to make that golf cup using a pringles can.

This is an easy way to quickly convert a Pringles can into a portable golf hole in a matter of minutes. This is intended both for those who like to play minigolf but are on a limited budget and those that live a highly mobile web 2.0 lifestyle.


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Fully Autonomous Golf Carts!

Well, I am a scratch golfer and do not like to use any golf carts since I am old-school, but here’s an autonomous golf cart that’s better than the existing electric carts on the market.

Yet another job for pimply 16-year-olds has been rendered obsolete with technology, now that golfers can use the Shadow Caddy—a fully autonomous golf club carrying cart that tr

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Goohack of the Day! – Golf Ball

Well as much as I like to play golf, I had to see what kind of hacks our new Goohack search engine could come up with.

So I typed,

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Watch “Live” Masters Golf Tournament this weekend on the web!

Hey, now you can watch Master live on your TV. Since I am always busy blogging even on weekends, this allows me to flip back and forth between blogging and the Masters. Even better is if you have dual monitor setup.

I used to record every Masters couple years back, actually I did record every Masters from around ’95 to ’03 or so…

Cheers everybody, you should be watching golf on TV today even if you are not a raving golf fan like i am.

Go watch the Masters “Liv

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Improve Your Golf Game With The Star Trek Putter

Wow, here’s a putter that DOES look like Star Trek… I need to go play golf…not that I’d use a putter like this ever since I am such old-school when it comes to putters…

Cool putter though.

The putter comes in two versions, the higher-end Limited Edition features a special “NCC-1701″ head with the serial number (only 1,701 will be produced) engraved on the putter face, a True Temper Double Bend steel s

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DIY Magic Golf Trick – HOWTO Catch A Golf Ball After You Hit It


Here’s some golf trick I have been working on for last 18 years of my life that I want to show you:

(Even Tiger hasn’t tried this shot on TV yet…)

Here’s a HOWTO on catching your golf ball AFTER you hit it.

1. Open the clubface so it’s pointing behind you about -10 degrees.

2. Really feel like you are sitting down.

3. Get wristy and loose with your hands.

4. Make a nice swing and catch the ball.

The key here i

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YEY! 2 more new sites!

Well, I barely have enough time to skip over any of my sites but we are making some new ones!

The first one is called, “”. No, you don’t make porno, you make pono, actually, it means, “cheap”, when you say, “MaKePoNo”. Yes, my punctuation might be wrong from too many joints but one thing is correct, you got a new site called,

On the other hand, I’ve fallen victim to the Golf disease and had to make a new site called, “” In which we will talk about all the failures of Ma

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