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Cool DIY Bikes at Maker Faire!

As always, they had a bunch of bikes at Maker Faire this year.  My favorites are these two GIANT DIY bikes, they look like they can haul a**.   I would have loved to have ridden them, too bad they were too big.

Also see video of the bike here to see what it really looks like in real life:


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DIY Flaming Dragon Robot!

Here’s another DIY flaming dragon robot I spotted on the grass at Maker Faire.   Perhaps this will give you an idea of how to make the outdoors more interesting.

See video of DIY flaming dragon robot:


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PetBots – DIY Drawing Robots for Art!

At Maker Faire this year, there was a TON of stuff see, perhaps too much for my naked eye.  Anyways, one of the gadgets that caught my eye were these DIY drawing robots.   When you need to draw a lot of circles, these will surely help.

PetBots is a workshop for kids that allow them to build a working ArtBot. Using a simple collection of surplus/recycled motors and switches along with laser cut parts kids can build a working spinBot, jumpBot or even a combination of both or their own creation. A simple Zip-tie/double sided tape construction method allows for easy building an

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Maker Faire This Weekend!

For those of you who live in Northern California, don’t forget the biggest Maker event is happenin’ right here in San Mateo Fairgrounds this Saturday and Sunday.

Maker Faire is a great event to bring your whole family to enjoy all the cool stuff they’ve got.

For those who can’t make it don’t worry, I will make sure to take a bunch of photos and 1080P YouTube videos for you to enjoy on Sunday.

You can also check o

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Windows 7 Phone Hands-On Review!

At Web 2.0 Expo, I had the pleasure of seeing the Windows 7 Phone for the first time live.   Thanks to Anand at Microsoft, I got to see some of the features of the new Windows 7 Phone.  Indeed, it was breathtaking to see another great multi-touch mobile operating system in addition to Android, iPhone, and Palm OS (the 3 best multi-touch OSes in my mind).

The new Windows 7 Phone comes with Zune integrated, internet explorer, and a much different UI experience (it looks like).  I have to applaud Microsoft for making an effort into the 21st century by dumping their older Wind

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Adobe Air on Android (Nexus One) Hands-on Review!

Well, it’s been exciting to see the very first Android Tablet (larger than 7-inches) hands-on but I did also see Adobe’s Air working on the Android smartphones (Nexus One).

See the hands-on video of Adobe Air games running on Android (Nexus One):


Adobe Air brings a lot of possibilities for developers to bring mobile applications to different platforms including Android phones, Palm Pre, and m

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Palm Pre Flash Player!

Flash player is going to be available on the Palm Pre and Pre Plus on your next software update (probably) according to an Adobe rep at Web 2.0 Expo show that was held today.   This is going to be good as I will have two smartphones that will be capable of playing flash content. (including my Nexus One)

Adobe rep wouldn’t let me take a video of it but the above screenshot is all I was able to get but you should expect it very soon, maybe a week or two.

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Android Multi-Touch Tablet Prototype Hands-on Review! [Web 2.0 Expo]

Today, I was at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco as soon as it was open (as I blogged about it several hours before).  Upon walking around the exhibit floor, I quickly found Adobe.

Oddly, they were displaying all smartphones such as Google’s Android phone like Nexus One, Droid and the Palm Pre but nowhere was an iPhone nor iPad to be found.

(Sorry, Apple, no free lunch for you at Adobe’s booth this time!)

Upon closer look, I found Adobe had one of the Google Android Tablet prototype running Android OS 2.1 (I believe).

The Google Andr

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#w2e – Heading to Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco Today!

Well, I will be heading to Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco downtown real soon here, I should have some footage of the latest product launches that are interesting.   Check back later today as I should have a load of stuff (interesting I hope).

For those of you launching new products at Web 2.0 Expo, don’t forget to tweet me @zedomax if you want a free video interview with my

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#Swagapalooza was a Blast and FREE Swags!

(Nick Starr, who is a blogger at BGR, Robert Scobleizer, and me from left to right.)

#Swagapalooza was a blast last night, it’s an invite-only for bloggers where they give out free swags so bloggers can blog about it. (I guess, is that why I am blogging about this now?).

Anyways, the night turned out to be very interesting as I met many new people including Nick Starr, one of the bloggers at

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