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oxygen, carbon, and many more elements!

DIY – How to build your own Penny Stove

Check out this howto on making your own Penny Stove for your next camping trip instead of buying one from Wal-mart. It is as powerful as stove top burners!

The Penny jets produce a flame size about the same as those on a Viking stovetop. Obviously Viking thinks that big jets must be an effective way to burn gas and transfer heat to a pot and my tests confirm this. They are also less affected by wind, po

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Water fuel HHO powered Cars!


Here’s H2O to HHO hydrogen technology being developed by 2 guys which might change the world soon…

Thanks gfcgamer!

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DIY – How to run your car from water!


Here’s a cool video of car running on water. What do you think? Thanks gfcgamer!

via byronnewenergy

Here’s also a conversion-kit guide you can buy.

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Renewable hydrogen energy technology Kit

Here’s a fun kit that will allow you to make energy from air by combining hydrogen and oxygen!

The Exhibition Set is the ideal model for demonstrating renewable hydrogen energy technology to large groups, in classrooms, at trade shows or in the boardroom. Clearly labeled components and gas tubes make the Exhibition Set simple to operate and easy for your target audience to understand. The unit was designed specifically for extended, unsupervis

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Talented teen transforms cooking oil into fuel!

Wow, this is good for our earth… We need more kids like this.

He happily admits he’s hopeless at school – but Steven Henderson is Tyneside’s very own oil baron.

Northumberland’s answer to JR Ewing has built his own oil refinery

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Lithium Extraction out of a Lithium Battery (of course, duh!)

Here’s a cool hack for extracting Lithium out of your Lithium battery for those of you scientists who need some Lithium fast!

First you must obtain some dead lithium batteries. This shouldn’t be too hard, as most people will readily give them away when they no longer produce a sufficient current. Fresh ones will work too, but it’s rather wasteful.

Note that this will only work with plain lithium batteries, not lithi

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DIY – CO2 System!

Here’s a cool DIY on making your own CO2 system.

Carbon is the fundamental element that all life on this planet is based. Plants are no exception. Since plants have no way of getting to their food sources, nutrients have to be obtained from their surrounding environment. Plants use many macro and micronutrients, carbon dioxide (CO2) being one of the primary macronutrients. In an aquarium the limiting factors are most likely to be (in order): light, CO2, micronutrients (trace elements), and macro

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