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Barack Obama iPhone App!

Well it seems at least Barack Obama or his campaign managers are smart on the latest technology, they created an iPhone app for getting involved in this politics race.

Knock yourself out if you are for Barack Obama.  Now, where’s McCain’s iPhone app?  His probably too old to even know what an iPhone is.  Oh well, I’d really like to see a President who’s updated on technology.

Features: Landing Page of Obama ’08 app

* Applicati

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Automakers get $25 Billion from Bush, God dang it!

Our President Bush, the most miserable failure in history of the United States, decides to sign another bill that will allow automakers to borrow $25 Billion, adding to the national deficit of $700 billion.(or is it $800 billion)

Whatever the case is, this is kind of an outrageous stuff because I would have never vote

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Video of Presidential Debate on Youtube!


Here’s the video of Presidential Debate from last night.  Who do you think won the debate?

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McCain has 13 cars and 7 houses!

Well, maybe McCain didn’t make all his money to buy 7 houses and 13 cars just from being a politician all his life, but it’s true, McCain can hardly remember how many houses he owns.  (I don’t blame him, he’s at that age…)

In contrast, Barrack Obama owns 1 Ford Escape Hybrid.

For rich people, McCain might be the right pick but for everyone else and the majority of people, I think Barrack Obama will server us better, not because he’s got only 1 car, because at least he can clearly remember how many homes a

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Another Miserable Failure – McCain is a Computer Illiterate!

Well it comes to us no surprise that one of the Presidential nominees McCain does not know how to use a computer. (For god sakes h

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Sunscreen Banned in Yankee Stadium! (Oh No, it’s a Bomb! – Wait, you can’t say bomb in America remember?)

The Yankee Stadium security team has recently found sunscreen to be a dangerous lethal weapon.  They are banning all sunscreens from entering the Yankee Stadium.

That’s right folks, make sure to put your sunscreen on your skin before entering the stadium.  If you happen to forget, just be ready for cancer-causing UV rays to enter straight into your pores for 3-4 hours.

Some people have retaliated by suing the city of New York as this new screening process puts most of their dumb citizens (who forget to put sunscreen on beforehand) un

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Bush Toilet Paper – Wipe that Ass with Your Favorite President!

Now there’s a new, innovative way of showing your love for your favorite President George Bush with the Bush Toilet Paper!

Some would argue that this is the most appropriate media for displaying George W. Bush! Sit down, relax, and enjoy.

Individually Shrink-wrapped. With classic quotes….

“They misunderestimated me”

“We need an energy bill that encourages consumption”

“Bring ’em on”

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Pistol Cams may Offer the “truth” behind every Gun Shot!

Pistol Cam, a gun-attachable camera that records audio and video during a gun shot, may help document and provide a solid evidence for every gun shooting by the police.

Whether the cop has shot a person unnecessarily or not, the Pistol Cam may be effective in reducing wrongly-convicted police crimes or people who get shot by accident by cops.

Currently it’s only being used in the high-crime U.S. metropolitan cities like LA and New York but if proven effective, it could be widespread

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World’s Largest College Solar Farm coming soon at Hefty 16 acres!

How much land is 16 acres? You could probably easily fit about 10 small houses in an acre so 16 acres is about the size of 1,600 160 small houses or 64 749.7028 meter squared for those of you in international countries.

Florida Gulf Coast University, a college opened in 1997 with a focus on the environment, was given $8.5 million by politicians to start a big solar farm of 16 acres on its campus.

The school’s focus is environmental sustainability and it has a special center dedicated to that purpose, but Shepard said using renewable e

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