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WHITE HTC Evo 4G Available Now for Pre-Order!

Personally, I don’t care about the “color” of my Evo 4G (because you can put a different Evo 4G case on it) but for those of you super, color-sensitive people who like the color “white”, you can pre-order your new white HTC Evo 4G starting today.

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Nexus One Launching in South Korea!

Google’s first-ever physical product, the Nexus One will be hitting retail outlets of South Korea, where we will see how if fares against iPhones and Samsung’s new line of Android phones.

The good thing?  Nexus One in South Korea will come loaded with Android 2.2 Froyo, wifi tethering support, and yeah, the ability to view flash-based web sites with its mobile Flash Player Beta 10.1.

via nexusonehacks,

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Motorola Android 2.1 Update Schedule!

For those of you on Motorola Android smartphones, here’s an update schedule for the Android 2.1.

Speaking of which, when will Motorola users get 2.2 Froyo?  If you can’t wait, don’t forget to root and install Froyo yourself.

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Droid X Now Officially Official!

Droid X is now officially “official” as Verizon has put up a website about the new Droid X.

For those of you who failed to order an iPhone 4 (and probably won’t get one for another couple months), you might want to reconsider as Droid X comes with superior specs than any other smartphone we have seen so far plus consider the “non-dropped” calls you’d get on Verizon with “unlimited” data plans.

Yup, Droid does.

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AT&T Exposing Customer’s Private Information? [iPhone 4 Launch]

For those of you trying to pre-order your iPhone 4 today, you might want to hold off as there’s been numerous reports by consumers that AT&T has been leaking/exposing customer’s private information with their online website.  This seems in-line with the recent security flaws with iPads.

Don’t tell me “I told you so!” tomorrow when you receive a huge bill for something you didn’

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Why I don’t Like Limited Data Service from Cellular Companies! [AT&TFAIL]

The other day I told you why I’ve boycotted AT&T long time ago and why you should too because AT&T has gotten rid of their unlimited data plans.

After, I’ve begun to see some new new blog posts by bloggers saying that their average use isn’t anywhere near 500MB/month, meaning they could save money with AT&T’s new limited data plan.

But you know what, you are missing the point, AT&T is trying to be evil.

For example, if I only used my data 500MB/month BUT let’s say my home internet died for a whole week and I had to tether my

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Foxconn Employees Working Like Slaves at $132/Month Wage!

Foxconn, the Chinese company that makes Apple products such as iPhones and iPads, have come under the gun lately due to its employees killing themselves or suicides.

This is a seriously matter indeed as one of the employees says, “Life is meaningless.  Everyday I repeat same thing I did yesterday.

Of course, it isn’t just Apple, I am sure many of our consumer electronics are built from such people.

Although it’s great for all of us to enjoy cool gadgets, isn’t it about time you think about who makes them?

Take a look at

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HTC Evo 4G Coming This FRIDAY!!!

HTC Evo 4G is coming this Friday to all Sprint stores in the U.S. starting sharp at 8AM.

For those of you who have been waiting to get the smartphone all year, this is the phone to get, just $199 with 2 year contract and $79/month for regular voice and unlimited data.

Not sure yet?

Don’t forget to check out what this supersonic phone can do including 2-way video chats, str

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AT&T Kills Unlimited Data for iPhone/iPads and Why You Should Switch NOW before it’s too late!

I knew these B-tards(AT&T) were up to no good when they first started out as Cingular, they kept sending me a bill for a quarter.  Of course, I didn’t pay because I knew it cost them 29 cents for postage to send me bills every month.

Anyways, AT&T = evil, a company that offers dropped calls, bad 3G data service, and now finally the first company to introduce new data plans to millions of people who’ve already purchased “unlimited” data plans when they bought the phone.

I know, maybe it’s written in the contract but COME ON!  What

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Steve Jobs says Foxconn’s Suicide Rate is Below China’s National Average!

Foxconn, Apple’s iPhone/iPod/iPad manufacturing company, has been hit with many suicides in the recent months due to its living conditions.

Although this isn’t directly Apple’s nor Steve Job’s fault, I think they will have to start doing something drastic about it to reduce their suicide rates to none.

Of course, Steve Job’s personal response is that Foxconn’s suicide rate is below China’s average.

My response to Stevie:

I thought Apple was a better company than that.

I won’t say much other than that

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