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Design – E-Ball Multiplug Connector Power Strip

Here’s a funky lookin’ power strip that you might enjoy putting all over in your home.

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Floating Bath Tub Disinfectant

Believe it or not, your bathtub is probably filled with lots of bacteria including some urine.  (Urine does help fight athlete’s foot, did you know?)

Here’s floating bath tub disinfectant that will clean your tub of those dirty bastards.

An ideal gadget for eco-friendly Japanese as after the bath the device disinfects the water completely in a couple of minutes so it can be reused again. The onboard LED starts blinking as soon as the water is completely disinfected. The unit measures 86×86×110mm, weighs 250 grams and will be a

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Budweiser Telephone!

If you can’t drink it, it’s not beer but if you can talk to it, it could be a Budweiser telephone. (or just a beer bottle and you got too drunk)

Too bad, the beer bottle isn’t real glass, making it too easy to tell it’s not a real beer bottle.

    Very Vivid Budweiser beer shape phone. Beer Telephone is prefect as a decoration in your bedroom / living-room / bar-table / computer desk / pub / snack store Last Num

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Sharp working on Solar LCD TVs!

Sharp is working on solar LCD TVs for houses without electricity.

The only question I have is, if they don’t get electricity, will they get any TV reception at all?  (Maybe air reception is good… real good…)

LCD prototype which uses just a quarter of the power (or a third measured annually) of a conventional CRT with the same screen size. That’s low enough to be suitably powered b

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Door Stop that looks like a Key!

If you have been looking for a door stop that looks like a key, (not that you would ever in a million years) you can get the Key to the Doorstop.

If you need to keep any door open here’s likely the most appropriate door stop, a giant key, simply ingenious (that may be going a bit far).

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DIY – How to Start BBQ Charcoals Faster with Hair Dryer!

Believe it or not, this guy claims that he can start BBQ charcoals faster with his homemade wire-mesh and hair dryer.

You might want to consider trying this method for your Independence Weekend BBQ.

Whenever I have trouble starting coals for my BBQ I grab a hair dryer, point it at my grill and pull the trigger. One minute later I have red hot coals and I never have to use any lighter fluid to get them started.

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DLP TV HACK – How to Reset Your Samsung DLP TV Lamp Hours Setting!

Well, today, my 42″ Samsung DLP TV I bought in 2005 broke down on me.  The only thing I got from the TV was a Lamp LED going on and off.

So I figured that it was time for the Lamp to be swapped out for a new one.

Before doing that, I ran into this blog posts about how to reset the Lamp hour setting on the Samsung DLP TV.

Once I resetted the Lamp hour, my TV started working again!  Yey, I guess the manufacturer, Samsung, put an hourly limit on the lamp so you replace the lamp but hey, why replace it until it’s truly broken?

Here’s the simple in

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Top Design – Infinity Aquarium

The Infinity Aquarium provides an eye-soothing experience for your fish and yourself with its visually appealing aquarium that’s also a materpiece work of an art in itself.

May we suggest you get one?  Just don’t try to fit large fish like Sharks.

via 7gadgets

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Flashlight with Integrated Video Camera!

Here’s a cool flashlight that also embeds an integrated video camera.  How neat is that?

Now you can go in the dark and shoot your favorite videos with just a single flashlight.

There’s no word when this will be available in the U.S. though…darn.

The AD-1500 Video Flashlight records video with its mini CMOS camera and built-in microphone. As long as you’re not too intrigued by the rookie puking over in the corner, you could pi

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Come-In Go-Away Doormat

The hardest part about this doormat, “which side is up?”

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