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Bullet-proof Bras for German Policewomen!

Not sure how well these bullet-proof bras would work in real life but it surely doesn’t look like too much protection in comparison with the metal bra.

These bullet-resistant bras are made available for 3,000 German police women who are in front-line duty. If a female office is shot wearing just a bullet-proof vest, she can suffer from injuries sustained from metallic or plastic parts of ordinary underwear. The new bras, however, are shielded and mainly made of cotto

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Human Powered Mobile River Gyms for New York!

Here’s a really cool mobile gym concept that might actually be a good idea for most metropolitan cities with rivers.    It’s a human-powered mobile river gym, all powered by people exercising in it.

What if you took every single calorie generated by people working out in New York City and put it to use like this?

You’d pro

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Sunscreen Banned in Yankee Stadium! (Oh No, it’s a Bomb! – Wait, you can’t say bomb in America remember?)

The Yankee Stadium security team has recently found sunscreen to be a dangerous lethal weapon.  They are banning all sunscreens from entering the Yankee Stadium.

That’s right folks, make sure to put your sunscreen on your skin before entering the stadium.  If you happen to forget, just be ready for cancer-causing UV rays to enter straight into your pores for 3-4 hours.

Some people have retaliated by suing the city of New York as this new screening process puts most of their dumb citizens (who forget to put sunscreen on beforehand) un

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Border Patrol Bots!

Well, it wasn’t too long ago that BAE systems were rumored to work on insect-like robots for the military.  Now, BAE systems have developed Border Patrol Bots that can go under trucks, equipped with sensors, and practically allow travelers to move along faster while increasing security.

I think it’s a good idea I guess, just don’t tell me any of my tax money is going into it.  THEN, I’d have to ask the government to stop doing it as I don’t want to spend money on border patrollization.

With so many people I kn

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Future Hovering Spy Drones Reviewed!


Here’s an interesting video on future hovering spy drones.  Well, my hopes are there are no wars in the future and that these future hovering spy drones will only serve to prevent wars.  Where are my tax dollars damn Uncle Sam?

This video shows, which is a lot of fun to watch, shows STARMAC, the Stanford Testbed of Autonomous Rotorcraft for Multi-Agent, described as “a testbed of 6 quadrotor helicopter unmanned aerial vehicles that fly indoors and outdoors to experiment with autonomou

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Chinese SWAT Team trains on Segways

Here’s a humorous pose of the Chinese SWAT team practicing on segways. (Or maybe it was a scene in the movie shooting…)

I really think this is a really good idea as parts of busy Chinese metropolitan streets will let the segway travel much faster than anything other than motorcycles and bikes.

As for shooting shot guns from a segway, I’d have to say you need more training though.

via engadget

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Pistol Cams may Offer the “truth” behind every Gun Shot!

Pistol Cam, a gun-attachable camera that records audio and video during a gun shot, may help document and provide a solid evidence for every gun shooting by the police.

Whether the cop has shot a person unnecessarily or not, the Pistol Cam may be effective in reducing wrongly-convicted police crimes or people who get shot by accident by cops.

Currently it’s only being used in the high-crime U.S. metropolitan cities like LA and New York but if proven effective, it could be widespread

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Solar Floating Ball emits Changing Colors at Night!

Here’s a smart solar floating ball that emits changing colors at night.  Government should invest in these and put them on the bayside waters such as under the Bay Bridge or Golden Gate Bridge to make use of the sunlight, providing nice glowing lights at night.

Main Features: *Emitting rainbow color *Color changing automatically *Floating on water surface *Fixable by the hole at bottom *Totally seal

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Philadelphia takes on 3D Road Bumpers!

I remember they had 3D fake bumpers in Korea about 20 years ago when I lived there.  Well, now Philadelphia is trying them but the bumpers look too fake and I don’t think they will work well…

A new program dubbed “Drive CarePhilly” is being rolled out in Philadelphia in an attempt to get drivers to follow speed limits. As part of the program, approximately 100 intersections will be fitted with high tech 3D decals that they believe will fake out drivers into thinking there is something in the intersection.

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Roadrunner Supercomputer – The Fastest $133 Million computer in the World!

I’ve always been fond of supercomputers and I even did a college final project on supercomputers. (That’s 10 years ago..)

Here’s Roadrunner Supercomputer, based out of Los Alamos National Laboratory, supposedly a lot faster than the now-runner-up BlueGene from Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in Livermore, California.

Damn, I wish Google released how big their computers are, I bet it lists high on the list too.

The new machine is more than twice as fast as the previous fastest supercomputer, the I.B.M. BlueGene/L, whic

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