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Billboards that detect your age and demographics!

A french company has invented a billboard that will display advertisements based on your detected age and demographics…

Man, this sucks… or is it innovation?  Great for advertising, too much invasion of privacy in public.  LEAVE US ALONG YOU JERKS!

They are equipping billboards with tiny cameras that gather details about passers-by–their gender, approximate age, and how long they looked at the billboard. These details are transmitted to a central database.

Behind the technology are small start-ups that say they are not storing actual images o

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I-O Data Mobile Keyboard

Here’s an interesting I-O Data Mobile keyboard for your mobile phones… kinda pointless when you have a Blackberry like me though.  Might be useful for a crappy PDA that has a crappy keyboard.  (Am I being too harsh here???)

I-O Data again, with this time, a new small keyboard for your mobile phone which can be connected to your device via Bluetooth.

via akihabaranews

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XBOX Pajama Pants

XBOX undies…YUCK!  How about MS make some undies for helping the homeless or the cancer society?

via gizmodo

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The Hand Phone is the Best Cellphone Invention yet…

WOw, I can’t think of a best cellphone to use this one, it uses slimmest technology to allow you to talk to your friends without having to resort to using your pockets.  The fact that l like this design over traditional wireless bluetooth is that it keeps all that magnetic energy from the cellphone away from your brain.  (Yes, those bluetooth headsets are one thing I avoid simply due to how close they are to your brain.)

WEll, the best part

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