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iCrack – iPhone’s will FAIL by crackin’ on you!

In the last year or so, 20% of all damaged iPhones in the world have FAILED due to the cracking of its screens.  Even Nintendo has added a protective silicon cover for their Wiimotes since they have been crackin’ up HDTVs like it’s no big thang.  Well, Apple better do something and put some protective iPhone covers as default otherwise they may be cheating the consumers. (to buy new iPhones!)

Even my Blackberry has been dropped about 50 times in the last 2 years and no screen has broken.  Perhaps, iPhone design is great for touch but not so much for insurance against c

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Windows 7 Hack – How to Run Windows 7 in XP Mode!

Clearly, if you have to run a “virtual” Windows XP on Windows 7, it’s probably simply better to use Windows XP like me, the *middle-adaptor way.

*Middle-adaptor is someone who is between early-adaptor and stubborn people.

But if you must run Windows 7 and tinker with another Microsoft’s junky OS, you can also install Virtual Windows XP, so they will run all of your Windows XP software.

Pointless huh? Microsoft should just start selling XP instead of all the new junk that doesn’t work or even better, make XP better/faster.

It’s lik

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What Else is New? Bush is still being a Miserable Failure!

Uh oh, can we impeach Bush before Obama officially becomes President?

In another nod to his alleged “free-market” principles, President Bush has expressed disapproval of the free nationwide Wi-Fi proposal being considered by the FCC and Congress.

It’s an inauspicious time to decry helpful, even vital democratic initiatives in favor of ideology — after all, many of our most outspoken critics of federal mandate and regulation have ended up looking dogmatic, shortsighted or downright ignorant of late.

But that has

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Disgusting Racist Makes an Outrageous Sign of Obama!

Well, I just “hoped” that this sign wasn’t actually in America but sadly it is.  Never mind who you are voting for, whoever made this sign is world’s most disgusting racist.  I don’t see how colored Arabic Obama has anything to do with politics, this is simply plain racist sign that shows how few Americans are still uneducated.  If you are going to make a sign, please do not include racist remarks or for anything else for that matter.


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AT&T trying to screw up Consumers again, this time with DirecTV!

As if buying Cingular Wireless last year just to get the iPhone on AT&T’s side and providing users with crappy 3G service wasn’t enough, AT&T is now going to try screwing us again with Satellite TV from DirecTV.

As a long customer of AT&T (couple years ago), I am glad I made the choice to never buy or use any of their products until they die a horrible death.  Well, literally, AT&T is full of crap and the only reason they are surviving is the fact that their

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Damier Geante Golf Bag by Louis Vuitton!

At a lofty $8,400, this Damier Geante Golf Bag by Louis Vuitton maybe the worst golfing investment you will ever make as golf bag design was never a factor in looking good for golf.

Rather, you need a sturdy bag that will live up to rainfall and daily grind.

I know Louis Vuitton makes great handbags but golf bags?  Come on guys, you need to do better than this.

This golf bag might be able to fit just half of my clubs but probably too small by tour standards anyways.

Form and function must come together for a good golf bag and

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Windows Vista Mojave Experiment

Microsoft is doing an experiment where they tell people about their new “Mojave” operating system and how cool it is.  In the end, MS tells the participants that the “Mojave” OS is actually Windows Vista.

(10/08/2008 UPDATE – Now I have Vista pre-installed on my new Inspiron 1525 $600 Dell laptop, check out what happened on the first day, this is Zedomax Mohave Exp

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Will iPhone 3G Blend, and please stop blending stuff!


Okay, here’s another stupid video of iPhone 3G blending.  Obviously, this one blender company is using all kinds of new gadget devices to make people interested in their blender.

For most, it might be funny, but for a down-to-earth guy like me I think it’s really a big waste of money, time, and of course, a brand new iPhone 3G.  Why don’t these guys donate some money to the eco-friendly and green society instead of polluting the environment by blending electronics? (That’d probably get them more marketing th

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Go Old-School with USB Mix Tape!

As technology gets better and better, designers are forced back to old-school styles such as this USB Mix Tape that allows you to writes notes.

And, why would I spend a dime on this?  Go figure, only designers can understand this one.


via yankodesign

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Sprint Samsung Instinct is great but the videos suck!


There are bunch of videos on how to use the new Sprint Samsung Instinct but there’s NO VIDEOS on the browser of the Samsung Instinct.

If Sprint is serious about competing with the iPhone (from a marketing perspective), they gotta get rid of all that voice activated live search crap and make some videos of YouTube playing on the phone OR loading on the browser.

I think whoever is managing the video marketing section of Samsun Instinct need to be fired.  That’s what I’d do.  Hire someone who’

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