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The time capsule DVD left on Mars for future Martians

Lol, special silica-gel DVD (that lasts up to years) has been left on mars for future Martians to pick it up and load it onto their PCs… Who’s working at NASA? Where is my tax money going to? Some dumb folks?

Okay, that was kinda pointless to assume an alien could understand DVDs.

The disc – being described as the first interplanetary library – is made of a special silica glass designed to last hundred, if not thousands, of years into the future.

It also holds a collection of Mars-themed artwork, including

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XBOX Pajama Pants

XBOX undies…YUCK!  How about MS make some undies for helping the homeless or the cancer society?

via gizmodo

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Ropeless Jump Rope is not a Jump Rope!


This one is hilarious. It’s really amazing how creators can market pretty much “anything”….

Yes, just snap some pictures of people who lost weight and then nice snazzy video for a cheap million bucks.

Heck, they might as well sell “invisible” jump rope.

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The Hand Phone is the Best Cellphone Invention yet…

WOw, I can’t think of a best cellphone to use this one, it uses slimmest technology to allow you to talk to your friends without having to resort to using your pockets.  The fact that l like this design over traditional wireless bluetooth is that it keeps all that magnetic energy from the cellphone away from your brain.  (Yes, those bluetooth headsets are one thing I avoid simply due to how close they are to your brain.)

WEll, the best part

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Diebold Accidentally Leaks 2008 Election Results Early

Lol… Diebold has a bug in their system… go figure… they need to get another company to make

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