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Invisibility at flick of a switch

Interesting technology is being developed to turn your atoms in your body to go “invisible”. We are now reaching the “X-men” era.


Trainsurfing at 300kph

[gv data=”VZvm5H4F-aA”][/gv]

Watch as this crazy guy trainsurfs at 300kilometers per hour, that’s about 200 mph!!! He seems to be using some type of stick-on device…

This stunt was performed by a German kid called the trainsurfer. He sure makes it look really easy and not dangerous at all. But the ICE trains are made to reach top speeds of 330 km/h.

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Water Bubble Sphere made!

[gv data=”zaHLwla2WiI”][/gv]

According to the speaker on video, puffs of air radially are directed at the water to make this water sphere as big as the author’s head. Very interesting to note, this might have some good uses, such as allowing your pet fish to travel with you in a bubble. How is that for a future gadget?  Please leave comments for any thoughts for future gadget uses for this. via techeblog


Skateboard as a musical instrument

Cool musical instrument based on skateboards!

How does it work?

Sensors responsive to vibration, acceleration and rotation are connected to an interface mounted underneath skateboard. Using the radio protocol, data is transmitted wirelessly from the interface to a laptop computer. Each sensor triggers real-time sounds detected from the movements of the skateboarder and amplified through speakers. As the user engages with this device, universes of unique melodical, rhythmical and often unexpected musical compos

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Run Fedora and NES on PS3 as if it’s magic!

Breaking news! You can now run Fedora Core 5 on PS3!

Here’s some cool video of Fedora GUI and NES:

[gv data=”NnAn3h7kTM4″][/gv]

[gv data=”GIWwcGCI_nY”][/gv]

I just thought I would let you guys know, not only do I have Fedora Core 5 for PPC installed on my Playstation 3, but I actually ran through the boot loader and demonstrated how it works, whilst simultaneously video capturing the results. I edited it a little bit to reduce redundant frames (frames of just watching a cursor flash) so the whole thing comes in just over 3 minutes

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ZZZ-chest, Cabinet that turns into a mattress!

Check out this cabinet that turns into a mattress! Awesome little video on how you can save more space around your house or apartment.

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HOWTO: Pick a Common Master Lock With Your BART Card

Here’s a way to hack your master lock with a bart card via sf.metblogs!

Absurd and awesome at the same time! Yes, I do agree, that Blondie’s have the best pizza!

Finally, a use for those old BART cards with $.30 on them… handy for when you get wasted at

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VIDEO HOWTO – How wooden doors are made

Wow, here’s an awesome video on HOW to make wooden doors. Which reminds me, i just paid $450 for my new wooden door at my apartment, which I broke because I was too impatient and locked myself out… but otherwise, my life is great! 🙂

Lowes has some good articles on exterior wooden doors…

Yes, you can go kinda into these

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Video – College Students Invent AWESOME Parallel Parking Device

[gv data=”4rvUq0FWfBs”][/gv]

Wow, check this out! College students invent awesome parallel parking device. This is very useful for people living in big cities. I wouldn’t call San Francisco a very big city, but there are lots of parking problems and this is a great invention! via techeblog

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DIY – Use the golf POV for your next Ad, here’s a Nike Swoosh


Here’s a Nike Swoosh Garrett and I made using the Golf POV from last week. We also got some sideview footage for more swing analysis. It seems that the letters of Nike helps in seeing the backswing versus the downswing.

We know, that this would look a lot better with

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