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LED DIY – How to Make a Double Helix LED Lamp!

One of my ex-girlfriend used to be a bit crazy about DNA as she was studying to be a geneticist.  Well, for those of you who know someone who is crazy about DNA studies or simply find that this double helix LED lamp seems appealing to your senses, go ahead and make your own double helix LED lamp.

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Pixelated Pixel Bed! [I WANT ONE]

For those of you with extra $58,430 in the bank you want to spend on something worth spending on, get this pixelated Pixel Bed coming from Cristian Zuzunga later this year.

Hastens will be producing these beauties, head over to Hastens to see if they are available yet.

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Vivon Adjustable Mattress – Mattress Made for iPads and Steve Jobs will be Proud to Have One of These!


So this whole week, I am over at the Las Vegas Market, one of the biggest tradeshows in the world for home furnishings.   And yes, I found this perfect mattress for browsing on your iPad/laptop called “Vivon”.  Vivon has just launched their world’s first adjustable mattress.

There’s other adjustable “beds” which have a mattress and separate adjustable bed but this Vivon mattress does it all in style, all adjusting is actually done inside the

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Golf DIY – How to Make your own Driver Clubhead Cover!

Why spend $30-50 on golf clubhead covers when you can make them yourself for pennies?  Precisely that’s what this instructable teaches you, how to sew a sock and your favorite animal together so you can make custom driver clubhead covers that will be unique.

Brag to your buddies and they will be surprised that you made it yourself.

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Garage DIY – How to Make a DIY Overhead Storage Rack!

You’ve probably seen DIY overhead storages before and mostly they involve lots of carpentry plus takes up a lot of you garage’s precious ceiling space.

Well, there’s a much, much better solution to that.  Simply make “rack-like” posts that allow you to easily slide in standard size storage bins.  Brilliant.

Everyone should do this for their garage.

Best of all, when you don’t need to store anything in your garage, it comes back to normal.

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DIY Wearable Computer Using a BeagleBoard and MyVu!

Here’s an interesting DIY wearable computer made using BeagleBoard (which runs ARM processor to run linux and Android) and MyVu.

I think this is a fantastic idea that could be even more realistic as time goes on.  I can imagine one day being able to blog from anywhere using my portable com

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Robot DIY – How to Make a Tennis Ball Robot

For those of you with a dog (or cat), you might be interested in making this tennis ball robot that randomly “rolls”, might keep your dog/cat entertained for hours non-stop for sheezy.

This Simple Bot was inspired by a work by artist James Rouvelle called Colony in which a bunch odd shaped ovals self-propel around their environment. It is my understanding that his bots were made by placing a vibrating motor freely inside of a Styrofoam ball that was then coated to give it an irregular shape. This dynamic makes his orbs fluctuate between wobbling in place and jerki

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iPad Case Hack – How to Build Your own iPad Case!

Tired of iPad cases that look like everyone else’s or perhaps you just feel creative and want to do something about it?

You might be interested to follow these directions on how to build your own iPad Case that also successfully disguises your new iPad so lurkers won’t think it’s an iPad you are reading but a book.

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Ring DIY – How to Make a Silver Ring from Quarters!

Want to give your girlfriend the best gift ever for her Birthday?  How about make a customized silver ring that you can make from quarters made before 1964? (quarters made before 1964 are silver)

Better yet, you could probably engrave something special on the ring when you are done with it.

Do you have a quarter from 1964 or before? If you do, it is made of silver. You can turn that coin into a nice silver band using a spoon, a drill, and a metal file. A quarter will yield a small ring, size ~7 or less. You can get a larger size but the ring will be very skinny. If yo

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DIY Island Made from Plastic Bottles! [Weekend WOW]


Can you believe now what you can do with plastic bottles is literally limitless as proven by this guy who built himself an island? Now, this beats islands you can buy in Dubai hands-down.

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