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How to Get Old With!

Here’s an interesting site that morphs your age so you look older.  What do you think?  Do I look older now?

Try your own age prediction at

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GMail DIY – How to Get GMail, Google Calendar Notifications!

For those of you who want to receive alerts for your GMail and Google Calendar notifications, there’s a nifty free software called Scott’s GMail Alert that you can use.  GoogleChat also gives you GMail notications but Scott’s GMail Alert goes further by adding when you want updates:

via lifehacker

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USB DIY – How to Undelete your USB Flash Drive Files!

When you erase files on your USB drives, they are usually gone forever.  For those of you with quick fingers that gets you in trouble, you might want to consider installing a free USB trash can software that will let you temporarily save deleted files off of your USB drives.

This could come in handy for those rainy days when your toddler decides to play with your computer while you are gone. 🙂

Windows only!

Download iBin here

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USB Encryption DIY – How to Encrypt Your USB Flash Drive for Free Using Open Source TrueCrypt!

My blogger friend over at has a great article on the difference between USB Copy Protection vs. USB Encryption technology.  A lot of people might get confused by USB flash drive companies who try to market copy protection as encryption.  Well, don’t get this wrong as it could be very costly for your classified information.

Greg also mentions TrueCrypt, a free open-source encryption software you can use to secure your USB flash drive.

In short; USB copy protection secures a file or set of files so they

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Mac DIY – How to Remotely Control your Mac using Open Source VNC!

There are many free PC/Mac remote control services such as GoToMyPC.  There’s also VNC, which is open source version of those.  You will need to install server/client software on both ends of the computers, just like GoToMyPC.   Using Chicken of VNC, you can now remotely control your Mac and here’s a great site detailing how to do that.

One more note, you can use free services like

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Free Apple App Store Apps from!

Say goodbye to the evil money-cruching Apple store and hello to and, where you can get free apps!  I can see Steve Jobs crunching his eyes…

Go Open Source!

Many users of jailbroken iPhones will be familiar with the Installous application. Installous, from the people at, allows the simple installation of apps previously available from the official Apple App Store – but free of charge with Appulous, of course.


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How To Use The Internet To Get Free Items

Everyone wants free stuff. Even if they don’t really need it, if it’s free, people want it. Watch this video to learn how to get stuff you may or may not want for FREE! Find free items on the internet with the help of this how-to video! Here are some tips to find free movies, business cards, music, magazines, newspapers, and phones. Be careful with the fine print. Watch this video tutoria

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How To Hack Google To Get Free Stuff

This video will give you some tips on hacking with Google to get some free stuff. Everybody wants free stuff, right? This how-to video show how to hack Google for free music, games, ebooks and other software. Well, hacking is probably not the right word. Watch this video tutorial and learn h

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FREE Flash Games at!

My long-time blogger friend Mike from (he had to sell the site because of money problems) has launched a new flash game site called  It’s doing pretty good right now but he needs my help and your help.

Well, basically it’s bunch of flash games you can play for free so I don’t see how you can lose by bookmarking this site.

Anyways, please check it out and enjoy the free flash games! 🙂

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PSP Hack – How to Turn your PSP into a Second Monitor for your PC!


Here’s a cool PSP Hack that shows you how to turn your PSP into a second monitor for your Windows XP-equipped PC.


    Windows application, drivers, etc. Download the installer below and execute it. When it comes to the display driver installation, Windows will warn you that the driver is unsigned, let the setup program install it anyway. After setup has finished, open your display settings and enable the new monitor then move it to the position you like. Connect your PSP and copy the files from the “psp&

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