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Steve Jobs on Blue-ray Discs – “Bag of Hurt!”

In a recent Apple get-together conference (actually right now I think…), Steve Jobs says Blue-ray discs are “bag of hurt” and he’s unsure if this Blue-ray disc thing will keep going or not.

Although I don’t agree with Steve Jobs’ decision on going with AT&T for the iPhone, I have to agree Blue-ray discs are still in their early stages and things could drastically change in the next 1-2 years.

Just remember when the last couple time Sony failed to standardize their new technology inventions such as

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Top 10 Weird Radios from Alibaba!

Check out this Head and Shoulder’s shower radio.  It’s a really a knockoff as they labeled it “Rejoice” but I am sure this will fool many of your guests who stay over at your place.

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Office Printing DIY – How to save time and money on printing and get your mail delivered faster!

Today, we will cover several ways that can help you to reduce cost of your printing, whether you are running a home business or a company with 1000 employees.

Make sure to Preview your documents before printing:

A lot of people might think this is something they do all the time but the truth is that most people waste a lot of paper printing out the wrong portion of their content, including myself.

Use that “Preview” button to preview what you are printing. Almost all applications including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Photoshop, and MS Word have this feature

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Renewable Energy Products

Wow, this e-store based in London, Ontario has some crazy number of renewable energy products including the big as& solar panel shown above. They even got solar pool heaters, water recyclers, and lots of other cool renewable energy products. Definitely a must see if you are thinking about or need those types of products.

Thanks Dave for the tip! (thru

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Cheryl Downing on Low cost marketing for Inventors and Makers

Are you an inventor? Need some marketing help?

Cheryl Downing stopped by our booth and explained to us a little about Low cost marketing for inventors and makers.

Thank you Cheryl! 🙂


Check out her website and Inventors Alliance for more information.

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Circuit Board Earings and Keyboard Cufflinks!

Check out some of the cool circuit board earing and keyboard cufflinks if you are a hardcore hacker! Thanks Nicola for the tip!

Thought your might get a kick out of my DIY geekware over at

I’ve just finished updating with a whole bunch of new creations that I think your readers might like if they are into fun geeky gifts. All hand made by me up in Edmonton, Canada.

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ThinkGeek’s Magic Numbers T-shirt

Cool, ThinkGeek’s got their magic numbers going too! Very clever.

Hmm…. I wonder what comes after bf…c0???

via boingboing

More 09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0?

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A Mini-Nibbler For $20

Check out this nify mini-nibble for $20 found over at the Tool blog. Tool blog? That’s cool…

This tool would be great for many nifty DIY projects.

Unique blade and handle design requires less cutting effort than conventional snips. The metal is held firmly by the die while the movable center blade cuts. Starts from a hole as small as 1/4″. Jaws are made from heat-tr

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Only 244 Windows Vista sold in China in TWO WEEKS!

Looks like there’s enough pirated version in China that out of the 2 billion people living there, ONLY 242 people bought the real version.

Others bought the pirated version like shown above. Our recommendation is to lower the Vista price where everyone in China can afford it instead of pricing it so high…

What do you think?


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Silicon Valley Electronics Fleamarket

I went to the Silicon Valley Electronics Fleamarket in San Jose this morning. It was great, I wanted to buy everything! I was too busy looking at all the cool stuff to actually buy much. I’m definitely going to this every time they have it…next one is May 12th, 5am to noon. Here’s a

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