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Credit Card Hack – How to Make a Credit Card Reader!

For those of you working on credit card systems, this could be helpful, learn how to make a credit card reader.  I think this could be nicely packaged to actually work well with online payment systems.

In order to get raw parsed data out of a magstripe reader, we first experiemented with a MAGTEK Centurion Keyboard Encoder (PN-21073062). We found that although we could get all 3 tracks of data, it was not possible to have it parsed out. We then purchased a raw magstripe decoder head with track 1 reading, the Omron V3A-6 (Datasheet here). By writing some parity checking code,

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U.S. Tax Hacks – How to Gift Money to Your Kids!

Did you know that there’s U.S. laws that tell you how much money you can gift your kids?

Basically each parent can gift each kid (or anyone, can be a friend, cousin, etc…etc..) $13,000 a year without any reporting and taxes.

That means both parents together can gift each of their kids $26,000 a year without having to pay any taxes.

Of course, don’t forget to send “separate” checks from each parent, that will make it clear that it’s coming from each parent.

What happens if you go over the annual limit of $13,000?

Uncle Sam gives

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Virginia Doctor Gets Caught for Tax Evasion by Mailing Himself Money From Overseas!

Here’s a sad story of a doctor in Virginia who got caught by the federal authorities for trying to evade taxes on inheritance he got back in Swiss.   Instead of rightfully paying taxes on it, he tried to mail himself a bundle of $100 bills hidden inside pamphlets, with each mailing containing almost $10,000 each.

The guy is now going to face some serious jail time plus he’s gonna probably lose his medical license for good.

I think this isn’t something a doctor should be doing, seriously.  What do you think?

The carefully hatched plot was foil

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Debt Hack – How to Get Rid of Debt for Once and for All!

Having a lot of credit card debt in your life can really kill your credit and your ability to buy a home later down the road.  Debt-to-income ratio is what the mortgage brokers use to calculate how much home loan you can qualify for, meaning the less debt you have, the better off you will be.

Couple years back, I had about $50,000 in credit card debt, mostly due to trying to make it with my own business (running this very blog) and also being jobless for a period of about 12 months.

In those periods of my life, I

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Home Loans DIY – How to Buy a Home with 3% Down with FHA Home Loans!

Recently, I was trying to move to a new place because my super-cramped 1-bedroom apartment is just getting smaller and smaller. Well, to rent a bigger place in San Francisco, it’s going to cost me a lot more money plus I’ve been realizing that I’ve probably spent a lot of money of rent, which isn’t adding up to anything.

Anyways, somewhere on the internet I read that you can buy a house in America with just 3% down. I didn’t even have 3% saved up but I did get some help from my family and friends. (as anyone “gift” to you for an FHA home l

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Paypal DIY – How to Send Money to India!

Recently, Paypal was banned from sending money to India.

Some of our bloggers have been having trouble receiving money because of the issue.

What are the alternatives?

I’ve tried Xoom, which charges a very small fee to send anything under $1000 and no charge between $2000-3000.

If you do business over in India and you need to keep sending/receive money, try Xoom.

I tried it couple years back when I sent money to our bloggers in India and works

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Recession Hack – How to Sue and Make Money from Evil Telemarketers!


Remember I did a blog post on how to shut down telemarketers?  Well, I found out there’s actually a way you can “sue” and make money from those evil telemarketers who don’t comply to the U.S. law.  (probably won’t work in other countries by the way)

Watch the above video to learn how and

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Money Hack – How to Deal with Debt Settlement Services!

Frankly, I used to be very broke about 2 years ago when I was barely trying to be independent with my blogging business.  Gladly, I never had to get a job after I got to a point where I was making enough money with blogging.  Well, during those times, literally hundreds of debt resolution services called me on a daily basis.  I always turned them down because what they “don’t” tell you is that having your debts settled with the credit card companies WILL LOWER YOUR CREDIT SCORE.

Of course, if you owe like more than $100,000 AND you have no way of paying them back

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Interesting HOWTOs on Making Money Blogging!

Well, I have been actively blogging more over at Zedomax.Biz, which is my .Biz site featuring helpful articles for your life and making money blogging.

Here’s a couple of the latest blog posts you might be interested in:

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Auto DIY – How to Negotiate with a Car Dealer!

Car dealers/salesmen have been touted as one of the worst people in the world for ripping off consumers.  It’s true, even today, car buying process in America isn’t easy as paying for the retail sticker, you must haggle, haggle, and haggle.

Well, I just came across the “secrets” of car negotiation that could possibly make you  a better negotiator the next time you shop for cars.

Salesman: So let me ask you this, Oren. I know you’re a businessman, and we’re both real busy. So if I were to offer you the car at $47,900, would that work? Weint

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