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Job Hack – How to Get a Job Overseas!

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Although this blog isn’t about how to get a job, I will try to enlighten those people who just got out of college looking for jobs.

If you read my free E-book, you will know how I got this “job”, but let me summarize what I did to get a job in a bad economy few years ago.

I graduated from UC Davis with a deg

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SEO and Adsense Hack – Best of SEO an Adsense Optimization Blog Posts!

Well, I have been writing a lot of my blogging “secrets” over at my Adsense Optimization Blog, Zedomax.Biz.

Today, I decided to clean up some posts and add a “recommended posts” section where you can check out my best advices on how to increase more web traffic and also make money online.

For those of you who are into that, please go ahead and knock yourself out:

Best of Adsense Optimization Blog Posts

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Steve Jobs on Blue-ray Discs – “Bag of Hurt!”

In a recent Apple get-together conference (actually right now I think…), Steve Jobs says Blue-ray discs are “bag of hurt” and he’s unsure if this Blue-ray disc thing will keep going or not.

Although I don’t agree with Steve Jobs’ decision on going with AT&T for the iPhone, I have to agree Blue-ray discs are still in their early stages and things could drastically change in the next 1-2 years.

Just remember when the last couple time Sony failed to standardize their new technology inventions such as

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Creative Japanese Barcodes!

It looks like the Japanese are using barcodes for more than scanning, take a look at how they used barcodes as another place for advertising.  Great idea, I don’t see why U.S. companies are not doing this.

This kind of creative barcode design is completely new to me, but apparently it’s quite common in Asia – or at least Japan. Here’s a full gallery of some unusual product barcodes. Please comment if you have seen similar designs in your country (or if you are missing out on them as well).


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BagWhiz, a Bag Blog about Luxury Handbags Launched!

Yey, we just launched another blog from our Zedomax Blog Network called BagWhiz, a blog about luxury handbags.


Well, bags are a great niche for blogging, you can read about my niche blogging strategies on my Adsense Optimization Blog over here.  I will be writing a book shortly ca

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Make Money Online DIY – How to Make More Money with Adsense and Chitika Optimization using my Heat Map!

Well, it’s not that often I tell my readers/newcomers about my money making secrets but here’s a heat map that I’ve created to maximize income from my blogs.

Now, this is a proven heat map for making the “most” money online with blogs.

It’s a rather “in-your-face” type of advertising where you force your visitors to really read your Adsense or Chitika ads.

Why do I do this type of R

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DIY – How to Use your Laptop Computer as a Teleprompter for Presentations!

You know those telepromopters that TV news reporters use to read their daily news?  Well, here’s a simply way to make a teleprompter for any type of presentations.  (This one is an example for a church but I don’t see any reasons why you wouldn’t use it outside god’s house.)

Whatever you do…. no matter what…. and this is job #1 so pay attention…. always have a paper copy of your notes in your suit pocket.     Allow me to repeat myself — Have paper backup of your talk.    To sum up this point:  Make sure you have

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Haha, Americans used as “BullShi*” people in Canadian Ads!

Here’s, who’s using Americans as BS to market their Sony 52″ HD LCD TVs.

As an American, I don’t mind this at all, I think it’s rather funny and hilarious that a company would use prejudice to sell them.

But I think I know the reasons why this happened.

If you go back to one of the episodes on South Park where everyone’s yelling, “I hate Canada”, I think that kinda explains it.  Although South Park ma

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Das Keyboard – An Empty Keyboard that let’s you learn to become great at Touch Typing!

Here’s an innovative way to market your keyboard.  Save money by not printing the characters and market them by telling people this empty keyboard will help you become a Touch Typist.

Lol…regardless, it’s a great product.

Their marketing statement:

Whether learning to touch-type or already a touch typist, within a few weeks, you will memorize the character locations and you

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MIT Students Develop Solar Dish Capable of 1000X Sun Power!

Here’s a cool solar dish that is capable of “vaporizing” water the second you hit the apex of its dish.  The MIT students have already formed a corporation, there’s no telling when this will be available for homes and offices.

The results are staggering — the completed mirror focuses enough solar energy at its focal point to melt solid steel.  The energy of typical sunlight is concentrated by a factor of 1,000.  This was showcased during a demonstration, in which a team member held up a board, which instantly and v

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