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Label DIY – How to Make Awesome Laser Labels!

One of my friends Russell has been making a blog over at with some awesome posts on various different things you can do with laser labels, here’s some of my favorite DIY/HOWTO guides from WorldLabel Blog:

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Fish Tank Advertising?

No, this is definitely not a good idea…

Here’s an interesting concept for advertising, a real fish tank at a bus stop! Now, I will have to suggest some bullet-proof glass tethered with some security, maybe even add a security cam to make sure the fish tank doesn’t get stolen in the “hoods”.

via weird blog

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Business Card Hack – How to Make a Business Card Catapult!


High quality business cards have always known to make your business card stand out among the rest.  If you were thinking of ideas on how to get your business card to stick out, you might want to consider making one of these business card catapults.

Your clients will remember you very well while they catapult rubber bands to their co-workers.

… I started thinking about what else could be made to fit in a business card. I wanted something unique and memorable that could represent me and

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2 Comments Advertising Spaces Available for $100/month!

Well, I’ve finally got some advertising spaces up on the upper-right hand corner of this blog.

There’s 12 available spots, 6 125×125 pixels, each rotating 2 ads for $100/month! (Valid until all 12 spaces fill up or end of this month)

*Jpeg, Png, or Gif files are accepted and nofollow ahref tags. is currently averaging about 18,000 pageviews and 12,000 uniques daily, which equals about half a million pageviews per month.

Even if you get a poor 0.1% CTR, that’s about 500 guaranteed clicks per month or 20 cents per click.


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Apple Store Hit 500 Million Downloads but 3G is Still Too Slow!

Yey, Apple has hit their 500 million app downloads!  Well, I am honestly happy about my iPod Touch since it doesn’t use AT&T’s slow 3G network but come on guys, Apple has really been ripping off us consumers ever since the invention of iPods.  (When I first started using iPods and found that you couldn’t transfer a regular MP3 file into it, I knew something was up.)

Of course, I am happy and sad at the same time here just becau

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Guerilla Internet Maketing DIY – How to Use Google Ad Manager to Sell Private Ads for Bloggers!

Well, I admit to playing with Google Ad Manager all day today, this might bore some of you but if you have a blog, this might be some great information on how to sell private ads based on CPM (cost per thousand) instead of fixed rates.

You can check out the full post on my Guerilla Internet Marketing blog here.

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Blog DIY – How to Increase your Adsense Revenue by 25% using Chitika Premium!

Well, today I am going to do a quick blog DIY on how to increase your revenue by 25% by adding Chitika Premium ads to your blog/website.

Of course, this increase is in comparison to how much you might already be making with Google Adsense ads.

One of the most important things bloggers forget is that making money with Adsense or Chitika, is all about ad placement.    Where you place your ads on your site could make a difference of making $100/month or

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Blog DIY – How to Make More Money Online with Internet Brand Marketing and New Adsense/Chitika HeatMap!

Well, I have been doing a lot of research about online brand marketing and I am sure some of you blogger readers need the latest Web 2.0+ strategies to keep earning a living online.

Without delay, check out my latest 2 posts over at the Ad Optimization Blog:

Brand Marketing and Obama

New Google Adsense/Chitika Heatmap for Maximizing In

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Blog DIY – How to Bring More Web Traffic on your Blog!

Here’s a video explaining my latest Web2.0+ work on blogs and search engine style themes.

It might be helpful for any bloggers out there so let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

Well, I have been working kinda hard lately, not getting enough sleep so my video might be hard to understand but I am showing you how you can boost 20-30% more “search” web traffic on your blog.

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Zedomax Blog “Search Engine Style” WordPress Theme v.0.1 Available!

Yey, I finally made a WordPress theme available for people to download.  (I have made tons of them in the past but never realized that it could be helpful for others)

This WordPress theme is the one I used like yesterday. (I already developed a 3-column version of it that you see now)

Anyway, I had to pretty much water the theme down as much as possible so you can customize it to your liking.

This theme will help your blog

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