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How Do Crabs Molt? [How Do They]


Ever wondered how crabs molt? Did you also know that while crabs molt, they are most vulnerable while their shells are still soft? Thus very easy for other predators to attack crabs during molting?

Crabs molting, it is indeed amazing!

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P.S. Are crabs fish? Or are they mammals? Or maybe they are just crabs???

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PC Hack – How to Turn Your PC into a Fish Tank!

For those of you who are in tight spaces and you have a small fish tank, you might want to turn your PC into a fish tank.  Not only that, this fish tank hack keeps your PC usable.

I had an old outdated dead PC laying around and seeing how I wasn’t using it for anything I decided to turn it into an aquarium. For a long time now I always wanted to somehow get a real aquarium into a  PC.  It all started when I found a glass block called the ‘Krafty Block’ at a local Hobby Lobby. It was small enough to fit in my dead PC, hollow, and water tight.  And so the

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Fish Tank Hack – How to Heat/Light Your Fish Tank using LEDs!

Here’s a rather ingenious hack where the owner of this fish tank has replaced his florescent lights with LEDs.  On top of that, he has used aluminum casing that transfers heat generated by its LED system into the water directly. (You can see aluminum bars extended into the water.)

First off, I don’t think the LEDs themselves generate enough heat to actually heat the water much because LEDs in general are low-heat devices.  But it seems like the owner of this fish tank has used special

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LED DIY – How to Make Aquarium LED Lamp!

Thinking of buying new lamp for your fish tank?  Well, take a look at this custom Aquarium LED setup with a bunch of high output LEDs, ability to control its dimness, temperature watch, and more.  I think this LED project could be easily extended further as a whole aquarium controller including ability to control the tank’s heat, feed the fish, and more.  Well, I might be getting ahead of myself but why not?

The tank is a Fluval Osaka 320 and measures 48″(L)x18″(W)x24″(H) and is currently running 4 x 54w T5’s. The rock is arranged in 2 “

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Japanese Develop Transparent Fish!

The Japanese scientists have developed transparent fish for scientific study reasons, WOW!

With transparent fish are used for example, school students to have access to fish anatomy without the need to kill and cut open fishes.

The pulsating heart and other organs can be seen, since fish the skin and scales have no pigment. Small brains can be seen behind the eyes. Guarantees, Associate Professor of Mie University Yutaka Tamaru.

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Fish Tank DIY – How to Make a CRT Aquarium!

Here’s a genius idea for your fish, an aquarium made out of on old CRT monitor!  Instead of throwing those heavy bastards away, now you can recycle them into nice, stylish homes for your lovable fish.

Talk about a great screen saver! I’ve been wanting to do this build for a while now. Just about every time I see and old CRT computer monitor by the side of the road on trash day I think to myself …that would sure make a cool looking fish tank. So here is my first attempt at turning and old computer monitor into a fish tank.

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Fish Tank Advertising?

No, this is definitely not a good idea…

Here’s an interesting concept for advertising, a real fish tank at a bus stop! Now, I will have to suggest some bullet-proof glass tethered with some security, maybe even add a security cam to make sure the fish tank doesn’t get stolen in the “hoods”.

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Fishing DIY – How to Make Plastic Molded Fishing Lures Yourself!

As someone who loves to fish and also crab-fishing at nearby Pacifica or under the Golden Gate Bridge at the Pier, this DIY is definitely recommended for any serious fishermen who want to make their own plastic-molded fishing lures.

I was thinking the other day about how much it costs to buy fishing lures, when I always lose or break them. I also thought it would be great if I could come up with a way to customize them somewhat and create a whole new, possibly better artificial bait. After some searching, I found that commercial molds and plastics

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25 Gallon Coffee Table Aquarium!

When I was growing up, my mom used to have this 40-50 gallon fish tank with bunch of cool tropical fish.  Actually, we had almost every type of cool tropical fish and I used to help my mom clean up the aquarium. (or fish tank is it?)

Anyways, I found this really cool Coffee Table 25-gallon Aquarium that might go really well in your home.

I plan to get one of these when I get

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What’s a Koi Fish?

Do you know what a Koi fish is?  Well, it’s a fish that can survive and adapt in various different parts of the world.  You can buy Koi fish online here, or at least check out how much they cost. (bling, bling, bling)

You can also check out Koi Fish page on SiteHoppin.

Our koi fish are exceptionally beautiful. Healthy and from top Japanese koi breeders and Japanese koi farms. Snow white skin with deep, vibrant

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