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Samsung Concept PC

Wow, check out this cool concept PC, it looks like a spaceship.

The one pictured above looks like a cross between a UFO and a witch’s hat. We don’t even know what to think about these. We don’t really see the technological advancement in any of these designs, though they are very pretty. They actually seem like a tongue in cheek, almost humorous design project.

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DIY HACK – How to make a Wireless Wall LCD Digital Photo Frame

Here’s a nice wireless wall digital photo frame howto.

A quick search of the web turned up several do-it-yourself articles by photographers that had built their own digital frames – typically from discarded laptops. The laptop based digital frames have larger screens (10” to 15”), and tend to be reasonably inexpensive to build (provided you own a discarded laptop).

The laptop projects that I saw had a couple of common issues, however. All of them involved taking the laptop apart completely and ge

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DIY – Dress made out of Wood!

Wow, check this out, a dress made out of wood! (well carved actually) Kalina made all sorts of stuff out of wood. Check out some of her other cool creations.

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DIY PC CASE MOD – CompuBeaver

Check out the CompuBeaver, a PC that does looks like a Beaver made out of a taxidermy beaver!

This is funny: (I feel bad for the beaver though…poor animal)

Because the inside was foam, I needed more internal structure and decided to fiberglass it. As awful as fiberglass is to deal with, it sure is strong stuff, and would allow drilling, etc., for the components and cords without fear of everything caving in.

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Color Changing Showers!

Wow, check out these color changing shower heads! It seems pretty basic (probably just high intensity LEDs on top), regardless, we like the overall design and originality! I’d love to have one of these showers, it’d be really cool… (well, maybe we can hack one easy…)

Perfect for creating a dramatic accent color, or merely for it’s therapeutic effect the lighted shower head embraces contemporary style. Created by Signorini Design, the Ultra Slim show

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Technological Breakthrough Sculptures

Check out some of these really cool Terminator-like technological breakthrough sculptures. Although none of them are really functional, it’s a really great artwork… (I’d want one in my livingroom…) Actually, the bug robots seem like they can do stuff…

via microbotic

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Color Changing Wall Lights

Check out these color changing wall lights. Looks pretty simple, doesn’t it? We could probably hack one out…

…presented its home lighting ‘BAROM Light’ with LED during Kyung Hyang Housing Fair 2007 in Seoul, Korea. Various interior moods could be made; besides three colors(RGB), it offers nine pastel colors as well.

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DIY HACK – Motorcycle Light HOWTO Video

We’ve seen this before, a bike light, but this guy makes it for his motorcycle! Cool…

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Video Goggles for your iPod!

Check out these cool Video Goggles for your iPod!

Yet another sweet product to put a smile on all you iPod owners face! The C4-MV1 by ISONIC allows you to watch your videos through these glasses, expect a 320×240 QVGA resolution, actually this is not brand new, it can be found in the US (SolidOptex).

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Gesture Controlled Computer using a Webcam


This is tight!

Using a $30 dollar camera and this piece of Podtech software that’s still in development, you can play with computers just like Tom Cruise did in Minority Report, by grabbing files by the nipples and dragging them around the screen. Using topological depth technology, it figures out what’s the static background, and differentiates it between the changing foreground.


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