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Wii Hack – DIY Kurukuru Kart!


Japanese modders have made their own Kurukuru kart, a recreational vehicle you can control directly with a hacked Wiimote.

Looks like a lot of fun if you have a lot of time to kill. 🙂

There isn’t a whole lot of information available on this besides the video captions, but it appears to be using the WiiFlash Flash API for Wiimote input and Gainer for motor control output. WiiFlash looks like a particularly interesting tool for Flash developers. You can run the WiiFlash server compone

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PSP Hack – How to Download Free PSP Games!

Here’s a site I found that might let you download free PSP games for a lifetime membership fee of $34.95.

I haven’t tried the site but it looks pretty legitimate and if you can get unlimited free PSP games for $34.95, that might save you whole lotta money over buying bunch of games at retail prices.

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Halo 3 Hack – How to Take Great Screenshots in Halo 3!

Are you a hardcore Halo 3 gamer?

Do you like to take random screenshots of the game and share with your friends on your latest killings?

Well if that’s the case, you might want to read up on this article that shows you how to take great screenshots in Halo 3.

Most people know the basics of taking screenshots, but have you ever wondered how some players manage to take great screenshots with amazing effects? This brief guide will cove

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Home Improvement DIY – How to Make a Wiimote Level Tool!

Do you have extra Wiimotes lying around and you want to build one of the most accurate level tools ever using it?

Well, here’s a DIY site that explains how to make a level tool using a Wiimote in detail.  Definitely check it out if you got some spare time and future additions for home improvements.

Put the wiimote on a surface you want to use as a reference and press A.

This will start a calibration, and afterwards you can put it on a target surface to see its dif

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XBOX360 Hack – How to Add Wi-Fi to your Xbox 360 without breaking an arm and a leg!

Lol, it turns out the “cheapest” way to add Wi-Fi to your Xbox360 is to actually just get one of these WiFi Dongles for the regular Xbox.

That’s insane and really bad rep for Microsoft, who are basically selling their outdated technology in a new box.  (I guess it does look a little sleeker but twice the price???)

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Bed DIY – How to Make your Own Atari Joystick Lamp!

Lol, an Atari Joystick Lamp!?!  Yes, if you will retro-fit your livingroom, you will definitely look cool among your peers. Great job on the instructables.

I wanted to make something to enter into the Craftsman contest that would be challenging for me to make, but really cool and unique to have once it was finished. This was what I came up with.

via gizmodo

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Fun Christmas Santa Games over at PinkyArcade

Well, Christmas may be over but there’s bunch of fun Christmas Santa games you can still play at PinkyArcade:


Great Flash Game – Asteroid Revenge 3

So for today’s game, I thought this little take on the classic asteroid would be fun. Turns out, I spent an hour playing it. This time, you are the asteroid and you try to destroy the humans! Great game, great fun.

PLAY Asteroids Revenge 3

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Great Flash Game – Air Battle

Here’s another great flash game. This one is about fighting in the air too, I guess. But, it’s a little different, too.

PLAY Air BattleDiggy Games

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PSP Hack – How to play multi-player with one UMD

So, I’m pretty sure I’ll be asking for a PSP for Christmas. Do you guys think that’s a good idea? I’ve been wanting once ever since I watched a guy play one on the subway for a half hour or so.

Here’s a quick hack that lets you play multiplayer games with only one game disk.

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