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Optoma NEO-i DV20A Pico Projector/Smartphone Speaker Dock Review!

Last year, Optoma launched their PK301 Pico Projector at CES 2010.  This year at CES 2011, I had the pleasure of viewing their latest flagship product, the Optoma NEO-i DV20A, which basically is like the PK301 but more.

The all-new Optoma NEO-i DV20A is not only a pico projector but

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Redfly Mobile Dock Allows you to Connect Your Smartphone to a Display and Keyboard!

Celio’s Redfly Mobile Dock is now available in Europe, soon to be available here in the U.S. (I think).¬† This Redfly Mobile Dock basically allows you to use your smartphone sorta like your laptop, allowing you to connect an LCD monitor and keyboard.

While you might think this is redundant and why in the world would y

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Best Pocket Projectors Review!

Well, it’s that time of the year, yes, we have bunch of pocket micro projectors you can buy.

Whether you are using for your next business or your next movie (practically anywhere where there’s a wall), you can get it and it will cost you less than $300 for most micro projectors.

First up we have the Optoma PK-101 Pico Pocket Projector priced at $219.99,

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