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DIY iPhone HACK – Go SiteHoppin’ on your iPhone or iPod Touch!


Here’s a demo of how you can browse new interesting websites on your iPhone or iPod Touch with SiteHoppin. Now, you can surf the web faster on the go, on your iPhone or iPod Touch, simply by pointing your Safari browser to

Yeah baby! We did it! We are going to build the tightest browser-within-browser for the iPhone and iPod Touch baby!!!

Oh yeah, you can

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SiteHoppin’ Entrecard Tech Blogs – DIY HACK – How to resolve low disk space error in iPod Touch!

I’ve summed up all the tech blog on Entrecard on SiteHoppin so you can use the following link to “site hop” tech blogs:

We will be doing a special, “Site Hoppin’” through all Entrecard tech blogs and (hopefully) get an interesting post per each one.

Here’s a c

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DIY iPod HACK – Add Bluetooth to your iPod!!!

Tight, here’s some cool hacks on adding bluetooth to your iPod!

1st Ever Bluetooth-Enabled iPod!

If you’re like me, you’ve often asked yourself why Apple has not added native Bluetooth capability to their iPod line up. Even the iPhone only supports mono Bluetooth!

Sure, there are numerous adapters that plug into the iPod’s dock connector to give you wireless music, but they are clunky, they come off eas

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