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Strida Folding Bike!

With all the cool folding bikes out these days, here’s another cool folding bike called Strida.

The Strida from Area Ware works around a triangular frame, which means it, has strength as well as agility, because it will fold down flat making the bike totally portable in just five seconds. Now you have a light, yet compact bike for storage.

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Italian Stalian 849cc Ducati comes now Leaner and Meaner!

Wow, as a owner of Suzuki GXR-600, this is the bike I wanna get next.

The thing about Ducati’s is that they are so cool… Do we have any moto fans here???

Ducati upped the ante, unleashing a bike with an 849cc engine that weighs no more than competitors in the 600cc range. In fact, the Superbike 848 weighs 44 pounds less than its 749cc predecessor. To shed pounds, Ducati uses vacural molding, a fabrication process that inhales molten alloy directly into die casts to create a seamless piece of aluminum. This eliminates the need to

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DIY – Electric Kawasaki Motorcycle goes 40mph and 15 mile range!

My love for motorcycles are always there so I couldn’t help post this Kawasaki motorcycle converted into an eletric bike that does 40mph and goes about 15 miles on a full charge. Of course, I wouldn’t dare or probably can do any wheelies or what not, but props for the DIY.

“I bought an 8hp Briggs & Stratton ETEK motor used through Craigslist. Then I mounted the motor to the frame using the existing engine mounting holes and a piece of scrap aluminum plate. I found a sprocket and chain in th

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