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Ryno One Wheel Electric Scooter!

For those of you motorcycle/scooter fanatics like myself, check out this one-wheel electric scooter from Ryno. It’s a pretty cool little ride to go around town in.

Here’s 3 videos to help you imagine what it’d be like to ride one yourself:

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Solar Tuk Tuk On Its Way!

Tuk Tuk, basically a bicycle that can transport passengers, is probably the most popular transportation in Thailand and many parts of South America.

Well, here’s an innovative idea, a “solar” Tuk Tuk, that can provide the driver with some extra “oomph”.

via keetsa

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$4000 Tax Credit for Zero S Electric Motorcycle!

For those of you motorcycle enthusiasts out there like me (I have a brand spanking new ’06 Gixxer 600), you might be very happy to learn that Uncle Sam is giving you a whopping tax credit for buying a Zero S electric motorcycle.

There’s a federal tax credit of $2,500 and also California state tax credit of $1,500.   These tax credits are dollar-for-dollar, meaning they will deduct 100% of your taxes.  Also, you can carry these tax credits to longer years if you want to.

Residents of California will g

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DIY Motorcycle – Electric Sports Bike!

WOW, I’ve seen a handful of great electric motorcycles in the past few years but this is the first electric “Sports Bike” that I have seen.

What is more amazing is that this is a by-product of a 22-year old college student, who has built more amazing electric bike than a whole team of engineers at Kawasaki.

Kudos for such a great job on the bike

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26″ Wheeled eZip Trailz Electric Bike!

For those of you who live close enough to work but too far for walking it daily, you might be interested in this awesome electric bike that will get you to work in time at maximum 18 miles per hour and a 450VDC battery that lasts up to 22 miles per charge.

I’ve always had fun on electric bikes and I think they are great for the environment these days no doubt.

The eZip Trailz electric bike will get you to the groce

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Mongoose, the Powerful DIY Electric Bike!

Here’s a guy who built a really powerful (lookin’) electric bike, fitted with batteries that can jump even cars.  There’s even an onboard GPS so you can never get lost while a full charge gets you up to 150 miles.

Watch the video and become “impressed”:


432 Sony 18650V (known as Konion).used in Makita, Bionx an, 3.75 Volt,

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Bike Hack – How to Build an Electric Bike! (or Trike Is it?)

I have to say that although I’ve seen slew of electric bikes on the market these days, this homemade electric trike is probably the one I would want to get or build at the least.

Check out the video, this thing ROCKS:


It looks pretty simple enough to build as you can see above with 2 batteries, fuse, switches, bunch of wires, and what looks like a control unit of some sort for the motors.

Here’s the parts list:

This part of the pr

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Bike Hack – How to Make a Leaf Blower Powered Bike!

This is probably the best bike mod I have seen in awhile, someone figured out how to make a Leaf Blower Powered Bike!  It will definitely make some noise but great for city commuting and getting that anger out of you into the streets.

This was one of those projects I couldn’t get out of my head. I had seen, on the internet and in person, the small 2-stroke engine powered scooters which were becoming increasingly popular. Naturally I wanted one, but I’m not the type that would just buy a commercially available scooter that will work wel

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New Years in New York will be Powered by Pedals!

(Image Credit)

New Years event in New York City Times Square “next” year, will be powered in part by pedals by humans.

How cool is that?  Save earth.

Duracell has set up a “power lodge” in Times Square where visitors are ushered to a row of bicycles with generators connected to a set of massive batteries.

So far the project has collected 95 hours of pedal power, or about 35 pe

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Yamaha R1 Converted to an Electric Bike Still Does 54HP!

Here’s a cool Yamaha R1 that’s been converted to an Electric Bike and still does 100MPH with 54 horsepower.

That might not seem a lot but it is for an electric bike.

Electric Motorsport of Oakland Ca debut of the AC inductance Yamaha R1. This revolutionary electric motorcycle is powered by a 550amp 84v AC inductance electric drive system providing 54HP and 81 ftlbs of toque allowing the vehicle to attain speeds of over 100mph. Builders Justin Gray, Todd Kollin, and sponsor Richard Hatfield of Alliance Renewable Energy created the

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