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LED Cube Alarm Clock!

Here’s a cute set of LED Cube Alarm Clock, currently only available in Japan.

I bet you could make something similar or even better with some parts.

Seiji’s LED block alarm clock are interconnected using ribbon cables with enough slack in them to let you stack them pretty much any way you like.

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Throw Soccer Ball Alarm Clock!

Here’s a great way to wake up by throwing your alarm across the room to turn it off.  Get your stress out the moment you wake up with the Throw Soccer Ball Alarm Clock.

We know you’ve always wanted to throw that clock across the room…

These brilliant alarm clocks can only be turned off by bouncing them or throwing them – It’s the ultimate in morning anger management.

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Rubik’s Cube Alarm Clock!

Rubik’s Cube Alarm Clock forces you to wake up by solving the puzzle.  Although not a 100% rubik’s cube, it’s a cool lookin’ alarm clock for your bedroom.

We can’t help but get a little nostalgic when using this 80’s puzzle cube clock! Just like our fave toy, twist the top row to switch between date, time, alarm, or temperature.

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DIY Homer Simpson Clock talks on the hour and every hour!


Here’s a great way to hack your regular ol’ Homer Simpson Clock into something that does more…

Sambuchi has made a cool Homer Simpson Clock Mod. He gutted a store bought clock and stuffed it full of electronics. It can now perform a light show and allow Homer to speak through his sound system.

via hackedgadgets

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Remy Alarm Clock Blanket!

Here’s an interesting concept, an alarm clock that’s embedded in a blanket light up when it’s time for you to eat the worms. Of course, set that alarm early so you can eat all the worms.

Here is something that you may want to consider taking with you when you go to bed. Much of us want to know what goes on in bed when we sleep and while these may occur at times where we least note them to be, it would be best to have a handy device as the Remy Alarm Blanket which monitors your movements and alerts you as well.

This is a go

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The Hanging Alarm Clock!

Here’s a fun alarm clock that rises further up the ceiling every time you hit the snooze button.

The Hanging Alarm Clock follows on from the huge success of it’s annoying brother, the flying alarm clock, and has got to be one of the best alarm clock designs we’ve ever seen. To use, all you need to do is attach the clock to your ceiling by the supplied cable, set the alarm and fall asleep. When the alarm goes off to the sound of the Close Enc

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