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GMail Hack – How to Block Annoying Emails that Makes if Through your Spam Filter!

You know in GMail, there’s sometimes annoying emails you get from spammers who don’t care about CAN SPAM Act?

Even if you mark it spam, sometimes they keep making it through your spam filter.

There’s a way to block those e-mails (or send them an automated reply to annoy them back).

First, simply check off the e-mails you don’t want to receive anymore then click on More Actions->Filter messages like these.

Then, simply click on Delete It or perhaps f

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Web Server Hack – How To Install Lighttpd with WebDAV!

Last time I mentioned how you can run Lighttpd with WordPress to handle bunch more web traffic and save on server hosting costs.  Well, here’s another great tutorial on that shows you how to setup WebDav with Lighttpd. – link

This guide expl

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Firefox Hack – How To Stop Automatic Plugin/Firefox Installations In Firefox!

I have recently noticed that some plugins in my Firefox keeps updating by itself and it’s annoying because I didn’t allow this to happen as a user.

To easily fix these updates from automatically updating you (or bugging you), go to Tools->Options->Update then unclick all the boxes so your Firefox browser never wastes any bandwidth to check for updates.

I think updates are great but I don’t want my Firefox to keep checking for them every time I start my browser, it also takes a lot more time to load your browser when you are checking for updates.  And y

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Ubuntu DIY – How to Install Opera Web Browser in Ubuntu!

I know installing browsers with flash support in Ubuntu sometimes can simply be a pain in the rear, especially if you are running on non-standard CPUs. Well, here’s how to install Opera web browser for Ubuntu, with support for flash and java.  The new Opera browser has proved to be super-fast btw, from what I hear.

sudo dpkg -i opera_10.00.4585.gcc4.qt3_i386.deb

sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree

sudo apt-get install sun-java6

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Firefox Hack – How to Run Faster Firefox!

Most people who have used Firefox for the last couple years probably know this hack but let me do a step-by-step instructions on this for the simplest and best way to make your Firefox browser run faster.

Faster Firefox!

First, go to your Firefox URL address bar and type, “about:config”.

You will see a warning sign but just click on “I’ll be careful, I promise!”.

Next, enter “network” in the Filter input like this: (Then you should be able to scroll down to network.http.pipelining.

By default

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WordPress Hack – How to Run a WordPress Blog on Lighttpd!

For the last couple months, I have been playing around with a lot of different web servers.  Because my web servers kept going down, I had to find a new solution to help minimize my on-growing web server hosting costs.

About 2 years ago, one of the tech support guys at the dedicated server hosting company told me there’s a lighter web server called “Lighttpd”.

Well, I digged all the information I could on Lighttpd and found pieces of information that could let me run on Lighttpd.  (I also did find many other good web server alternatives like Ngi

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NFL decides to Ban Twitter!

Seriously, I think the NFL executives (or whatever they call the decision makers there) have no brains at all.  NFL has officially “banned” use of Twitter by players or their representatives before, during, and after the game.  (I would tell the NFL players to start a Twitter revolution.  It’s time the players make decisions!  After all, NFL isn’t NFL without the players.)

Say it aint so, Ochocinco! One of the NFL’s biggest personalities and one of Twitter’s most engagi

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The Best Grid, VPS, and Dedicated Server Web Hosting Review!

Over the last couple weeks, I have been doing a little “host” shopping, jumping from hosting company to another, thus went down a lot. (Sorry about that, sometimes in life, you need to keep searching until you find the best deals.)

So, I’ve actually narrowed it down to 3 companies that provide the best “cloud/grid”, “VPS”, and dedicated servers.

This review is based on the 30+ blogs I manage, each of blogs getting anywhere from 100 to 20,000 pagesviews each.

In the end, I found that each hosting company had its stren

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FUNNY VIDEO – FedEx Infomercial on YouTube!

My friend Joel alerted on the latest “spoof” informercial from FedEx.  It’s quite funny, my favorite part is when one of the audience’s head blows off, (2:13) then he’s head is normal again. (2:14) LMAO.

According to Joel:

FedEx decided to make this YouTube video instead of SuperBowl advertising. They had tried unsuccessfully in the past to make a viral video campaign on YouTube; this time they enlisted Fred Willard (Best in Show, A Mighty Wind) to use his dead-pan humor for a faux-infomercial for FedEx hopes to draw attention to their

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