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Germany Warns Against Use of Internet Explorer!

Recently, I’ve been hearing a ton of tweets on Twitter about Google’s accounts being hacked by Chinese hackers. I guess it turns out security flaws in IE has been at fault. My suggestion? Use Firefox or Google Chrome, I find these new browser are faster and better than IE.

Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security is urging people to stop using Internet Explorer because it isn’t safe and to find another web browser instead.

The warning comes after Microsoft admitted that it was a flaw in Internet Explorer that allowed Chinese hackers to get into Goog

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CoolPreviews 3.0 Brings In-page Previews! [Firefox Plugin]

CoolIris, a Firefox plugin that lets you view media faster while browsing with Firefox, has just released CoolPreviews 3.0, which allows you to “preview” sites before clicking through them.  I just installed it, it works pretty well, we will see how well it works for the next few weeks. (Download the CoolPreview 3.0 Firefox plug-in here)

Say, you want to search the Web to see everything about Avatar, the new James Cameron movie. You query “avatar” in Google web search as usual.

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Google Refuses Chinese Censorship! [GO GOOGLE]

Well, it’s been a great day since I just received my new Google Nexus One phone, the first “official” phone that Google has started selling as of last week. Btw, this phone is freakin’ JESUS-AWESOME, I will have a bunch of videos on that soon.

The point of this blog post is the Google’s latest move on Chinese government’s censorship. Instead of obliging to Chinese government to keep Google going in China, Google has determined that they will no lo

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Best Offline Blogging Client Software – Zoundry Raven Review!

For last couple years, I have been using Zoundry Raven, which is an open source “offline” blogging software that let’s you write blog posts without being online. As of today, my internet connection has been failing badly over here at Luxor hotel, I think it’s because they gave me a room that’s not “high” enough and blocked by some buildings.

Anyways, on those days, I turn to my Zoundry Raven, it works flawlessly with my WordPress, plus the tags can be tagged, som

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Twitter Hack – How to Make a Laser-Trip Webcam Security System!

Here’s a great Twitter Hack that involves Arduino, Linux, webcam, and a laser pointer to make it a complete Twitter Security System!  Awesome, this is the best use of Twitter I have seen so far, simple yet effective webcam security system!

See Video:


This instructable will show you how to construct a laser tripwire that can twitter and grab an image from a webcam, as well as execute any command you

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Top 5 Free Christmas E-Cards!

For this Christmas, you might have friends or family living far away where you cannot send them gifts or you simply ran out of time.

Of course, don’t fret as free Christmas E-cards are here to rescue.  These are never going to be as good as real gifts but they may be great Christmas cards that you can even send on Christmas Eve.

So without delay, here’s some great free sites you can use to send virtual  Christmas cards.  Plus, why not save some trees by sending E-cards that look better anyways and last longer?

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WordPress Hacks – Hacking WordPress 2.9!

Here’s quick two WordPress hacks in the new WordPress version 2.9:

First hack is hacking the Simple Tags WordPress plug-in so it works with 2.9.  Apparently, the plug-in developers didn’t expect version 2.9.   I am sure they will fix it soon but for those of you in a hurry like me, use the hack.


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WordPress 2.9 Download!

WordPress 2.9 is finally here with bunch of great new features, I won’t tell you what’s new but this blog post does have some great insights into what new.

Some of the new features that might interest you:

Global undo/”trash” feature, which means that if you accidentally delete a post or comment you can bring it back from the grave (i.e., the Trash). This also eliminates those annoying “are you sure” messages we used to have on every delete. Built-in image ed

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WordPress DIY – How to Install Nginx to Run WordPress!

As I promised in my last blog post about Nginx versus Lighttpd, I have written a step-by-step guide for those of you webmasters who want to be able to handle more web traffic by switching your WordPress blog to Nginx.

So far, based on 24 hour testing, it seems like Nginx does have a slight memory leak but clearly a lot better than Lighttpd.  It will take couple more days to figure out if there’s more memory leak or not.

So far, switching to Nginx has had some dramatic speed improvements over Lighttpd on most of our websites.

Well, it’s been a long c

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Lighttpd Versus Nginx!

Today(or yesterday now), I spent like 10 hours trying to figure out why my web server kept going down.

Well, I did upgrade to Lighttpd couple months back, which is much better web server than Apache. (YouTube runs on Lighttpd btw.)

One of the problems I encountered even with the latest version of Lighttpd is “memory leak”.

For server with light traffic, this memory leak isn’t too awful as it can take a year or so before you need to re

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