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WordPress DIY – How to Increase Your Blog’s RSS/E-Mail Subscribers!

For those of you bloggers out there who have been following my blog for awhile, you might have noticed that has been gaining more RSS/E-mail subscribers rapidly over the last 6 months ago.

Well, that didn’t happen because I was lazily sitting on my butt rather, I have been trying new things.

In this post, let me show you all my “secrets” and you can too, multiply your RSS/E-mail subscription growth for your blog.

1. Aweber E-mail Newsletter

First, I used to use Feedburner’s E-mail newsletter system for about 2 years.  In that time, I

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Future of Cable and Satellite TV Will Be Google TV and YouTube!

YouTube is probably the most underestimated video service in the world today.  Even now, YouTube is in its hatching stages, I think it’s going to be another 5 to 10 years before we see even maturing of the giant video company that Google paid billions for couple years back.

Today’s subject is, “what is the future of cable and satellite TV”?

The future, will have no more cable and satellite TV.   I believe that with the introduction of Google TV and maturing of YouTube, people will no longer need to subscribe to any cable/satellite service.  Of course

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Chrome DIY – How to Fix Linux Chrome Error – “The server’s security certificate is revoked!”

I recently installed Google Chrome browser on my Ubuntu Linux.  Well, everytime I tried to access GMail, I’d get the following error:

“The server security certificate is revoked!”

This error happens to be a time error because my Ubuntu Live USB flash disk defaults to UTC.

To fix, just do:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

and fix your time zone (and time).

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Why I Switched to Google Chrome from Firefox!

Until couple weeks back, I have been using Google Chrome browser as my secondary browser for loading Google-based services. I didn’t really use it fully but decided to make the “full switch” by using Google Chrome for most of my online services. (which proved to be a good choice because now I can get my blogging work done much faster as Chrome is about 2-5 times faster than Firefox)

I still use Firefox but it’s become my secondary browser, I use it for stuff I have multiple logins.

Should you switch to Google Chrome?

I think you should, it&#

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FotoBabble Is Like TwitPic with Audio!

Last night I had the great pleasure of getting free swags at Swagapa

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PDF Hack – How to Open Every PDF File with GoogleDocs!

Recently, I’ve stopped using Adobe reader simply because it’s slow and for GoogleDocs does a great job of letting you view PDF files much quicker than Adobe reader.

So, how do you open every PDF file you find online with GoogleDocs?

So long as the PDF file exists online, you can simply use GoogleDocs viewer and paste in the URL of the PDF you want to view.

Another great way to do this automatically is to get the

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Webmaster Hack – How to Redirect your Multiple Pages using .Htaccess wildcard!

One of my friends Josh over at Unconventional Marketing asked me how to redirect his old website to a new URL using .htaccess file.

Well, I haven’t messed around much with .htaccess file since I’ve stopped using Apache web servers but I did figure it out in about 10 minutes.

For example, if you want to redirect all pages under your to then you can edit your .htaccess file (of and adding the following:

RewriteEngine On redirect

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Webmaster DIY – How to Ping Your Website Worldwide!

Do you ever wonder how fast your website would load in other parts of the world?

Just Ping is a great service for that, you can check your website ping times from various different places in the world.  You can also use to check the actual loading times for your website in various different par

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Twitter DIY – How to Automatically add Hashtags to your Blog RSS Feed Tweets!

In case you haven’t noticed, Google Feedburner has a great new Twitter feature that lets you automatically add hashtags to important keywords and categories.  I think this is a great way to get more exposure for your blog rss feed tweets.  The more hashtags you use, the more chances of your tweet being found/spread on the Twittersphere.

Adding hashtags to your tweets can certainly enhance the chances of your tweets being spread further into the Twittersphere.  If you have a blog and you are using tools like TwitterFeed or a wordpress plug-in, chances are that your bl

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DNS Hack – How to Check your Website on the New Server During DNS Delegation!

One of the biggest problems with moving your server to a new hosting company is when you move the DNS entries, it can take 12-24 hours before your DNS is fully transferred.  During that time, it might not be possible to check if your website has been moved over to the new server correctly.  Here, I show you how to point your computer’s DNS to your new server IP address in Windows so you can load your website on the new server while DNS is still being delegated throu

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