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Tarp Surfing!

Are you a filming student who is horribly afraid of the sea water and you need to make a surfing video for your next project?  You might be able to fake those tsunami-like waves with “tarp surfing” which involves a skateboard or a longboard, all sewed up nicely with your friend making a big wave for you with a tarp.

See video after the jump!

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DIY Ping Pong POV!

Once upon a time, I “invented” the first golf club POV in the world.  Well, that’s getting old probably and here’s a DIY Ping Pong POV that lets you make fun of your opponent by displaying your favorite swear words.

Now, that is practical.

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Water Walking Ball!


For those of you who want to defy gravity and walk on water, there’s a solution for that, Water Walking Ball! ($499)

This revolutionary air-tight sphere will give you 20 minutes of freedom over any type of water and you will need to “refresh” the air so you don’t die from suffocation.

If they can somehow make breathing a bit easier and perhaps make it a bit safer, this could be a fun device to perhaps surf the waves on the ocean.


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2010 FIFA World Cup Final!

So, it’s 2010 2010 FIFA World Cup Final like starting NOW at 11:30 PST, who are you rooting for, who will win?

As for me, I will be rooting for Netherlands and I think they have a better chance of winning since they managed to win over the FIFA number one seed Brazil.

Of course, you never know the outcome because it’s soccer and sometimes referees can mess up a good game.

Still, it’s something to watch, right here on, see World Cup Live Online!

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Rocking Chair Made From Baseball Bats!

If you know someone who loves baseball and just have a newborn baby, perhaps you could consider gifting him one of these priceless rocking chairs all made from baseball bats.

Next thing your friend (who you gifted) wonders how their newborn gains natural baseball batting skills over the next 20 years. (and maybe even makes it to MLB).

$500 at

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Aquabilt – Underwater Pool Treadmill!


Remember what I said about the new Pool Sprint?  That it would be nice to have a treadmill instead?  Well, there’s a such device called Aquabilt, an underwater pool treadmill, sells for

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Skateboard DIY – How to Do a Kick Flip!


I’ve been a rabid fan of skateboarding ever since I started when I was about 6 years old but even through those years, I never mastered how to do a kick flip although I can do a heel flip.

Here’s a cool, simple video that shows you how to do a kick flip.

It looks so simple.

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Pool Sprint – Underwater Running Device!


Here’s an interesting underwater running device you can use on a pool.  It seems like basically a running pad, now I wish they can take it further and add a motor like a regular treadmill.  Oh yeah, underwater pool treadmill, that’d be something I would want to invest in.

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U.S. Open App [iPhone App]

For those of you with iPhones, you can stay updated with the U.S. Open (while you play golf) by downloading the U.S. Open App.

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What is that Buzzing Sound at World Cup?

What is that “annoying” buzzing sound at World Cup?

At first I thought it was some kind of static or perhaps some kind of South African bugs that were migrating during the game.

Well, it’s actually a musical (sorta) device called Vuvuzela.

You can get one on Amazon here.

Watch the video below to see Vuvuzela in action!


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