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DIY Glowing Green El Wire Jacket!


For those of you who must stand out from the crowd or simply need to wear something to your next rave, make yourself one of these DIY glowing green el wire jackets. This is the coolest jacket I’ve seen in awhile!

via hackaday, Project Page

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PS3 4-Port USB Charging Dock!

Wanna charge all 4 PS3 controllers at once?  You can with this PS3 4-port USB Charging Dock, on sale right now at for only $7.99.

Incredible product, incredible price!

via getusb

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Apple’s Secret Plans to Take Over the World in 2015! [Image Cache]

If you’ve seen Google’s Masterplan for world domination, you are going to be interested in what Steve Jobs has it coming by year 2015.

via iretireearly


LED DIY – How to Make a Blinky LED Clock!

Wanna make couple of these blinky LED clocks for your home and leave your guests wondering what time of the day it is?

Well, these DIY blinky LED clocks solve that problem, the user will have to count how many red, green, and blue blinks there are to tell time.  (still easier than telling time with TokyoFlash LED watches)

Hey, it’s an art, not to really the most efficient way to tell time but it might help you sleep counting the blinks at night.   1….2….3….Zzzzzzzzzz…


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Exploding Watermelons! [Weekend Fun]

I’d highly advise against doing this but yes, it’s fun to watch others do it on a Saturday night.

via hackedgadgets

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What Happens When You Throw a Brick into a Washing Machine! [Weekend Joy]

Do you ever what would happen if you threw a brick into a washing machine?  Apparently, total destruction of the device and some good laughs.

See video after the jump.


via gizmodo, laughingsquid

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DIY Wearable Computer Using a BeagleBoard and MyVu!

Here’s an interesting DIY wearable computer made using BeagleBoard (which runs ARM processor to run linux and Android) and MyVu.

I think this is a fantastic idea that could be even more realistic as time goes on.  I can imagine one day being able to blog from anywhere using my portable com

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Tarp Surfing!

Are you a filming student who is horribly afraid of the sea water and you need to make a surfing video for your next project?  You might be able to fake those tsunami-like waves with “tarp surfing” which involves a skateboard or a longboard, all sewed up nicely with your friend making a big wave for you with a tarp.

See video after the jump!

via make


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Street Fighter X Tekkan! [Games]


I remember spending most of my early teenage years playing the very first Street Fighter then in college, playing Tekken on Dreamcast.

Well, those two are probably the most popular martial arts video games ever and now Capcom, the maker of Street Fighter and Namco, the maker of Tekkan, are working together to bring us the consumers Street Fighter X Tekkan with all of the characters in it.

Remember Capcom and Namco are rival companies but we lived through to see the day that they are actually collaborating together.

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Burger Hack – How to Make In-N-Out Burgers!

One of the reasons I live in San Francisco Bay Area isn’t just because of its cool 70-degrees-fahrenheit weather all year, it’s also because I live about 5 minutes to my local In-N-Out and there’s practically an In-N-Out that opens until late wee-hours beyond 12AM in every other city here.

And for those of you who have never tried In-N-Out, it’s out of this world, my favorite is #1 that comes with a double-double cheeseburger.

In-N-Out only sells really 4 things, a double-double chesseburger, cheesburger, and hamburger.   That’s the only

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