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Recycle DIY – How to Convert a Broken Gate into Outdoor Table!

Perhaps recycling has not been done often enough in our world, especially those who have to constantly fix their house and throw away broken things.

Well, if your house gate ever breaks and you can use it anymore, you might want to consider converting it into an outdoor table.  As seen in the above pics, the steps don’t seem too complicated, simply get 4 legs on it.

The gates at the side of our house succumbed to a big wind storm recently. The cause was ground rot on the posts, but that meant that most of the wood was still in pretty good condition despite being

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Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse!

Bamboo has been always one of my favorite sustainable materials for goods.  My love for bamboo started when I used to catch dragonflies in Korea with a dragonfly catching net (which basically looks like a fishing rod with a net at the end) that was made from bamboo.

Anyways, here’s a Chinese company that’s making some great bamboo keyboards and mice.  Perhaps whoever starts importing these into the States would make some big dollars.

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UK Residents now can read their Electricity Usage in Real Time using Google PowerMeter!

Google has just announced that every UK resident can now read their electricity and other energy usage in real-time using Google’s Powermeter.

Since yesterday, every resident in the United Kingdom can now watch how much energy they use on a daily basis using Google’s PowerMeter.

Google (GOOG) has announced the launch of PowerMeter with UK’s only energy supplier

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Kinetic Energy Powered DIY Clothing!

Who said fashion and smart electronics don’t mix well together?

Check out this awesome women’s garment that lights up when some kinetic energy is applied.  Brilliant.

I can see in about 5 to 10 years when all fashion designers in New York start using more cool things like this.  Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, we’ll just wait. 🙂

Designer Site

via craftzine

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Save Earth Idea – Recycling Arcade Game!

Call me a gambler but I think the world would have much more incentive to recycle if we had more of these recycling arcade games in every block of every city in the world.

Even better, I’d say legalize gambling legal just for these recycling arcade games except that you can only use recyclable bottles and cans as money.  (but win money if you hit jackpot)

I think it’s a safe bet since most casinos do take the money, I don’t see how the government could lose.

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Eco-Gadget Review – Foot CanCrusher!

Want to get some healthy lower body exercises while recycling and helping reduce world’s carbon footprint?  No look further as we have found the perfect tool for that, a Foot CanCrusher! (available @Amazon for only $19.98)

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Recycle DIY – How to Make Old Light Bulbs into Flower Vases!

Check out this awesome DIY by Giannina Lezcano who shows you how to make old light bulbs into flower vase, this is the most innovative DIY I have seen so far using old light bulbs.

She uses wires to connect the old light bulbs together and hangs the bulbs upside down so she can fill it with water and put flower to grow in.

We need more people like Giannina in our world.  Brilliant!


via giannyl

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Recycle Hack – How to Turn your Old Car into an Artistic Ball!

Don’t know what to do with your old car?  Turn it into a big artistic ball! – link

Not sure what to do with that old gas guzzler? How about turning it into a giant ball? That’s what artist Keny Marshall did with this 1983 Jeep Grand Wagoneer. There aren’t any build instructions, but you should be able to figure it out from the construction video.

via make


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DIY Pedal-Powered OLPC Laptop in Afghanistan!

Indeed, people of Afghanistan are very resourceful and amazing if they can power laptops with pedals like this. I can see this machine going a long ways here in America, I think it’s a great way to get an exercise and power your laptop. Heck, why don’t they make a kit like this for real bikes? I am sure someone will start making these in the factories soon. Brilliant idea! (via laptop blog)

The people of Afghanistan are pretty resourceful they always have bee

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Solar DIY – How to Make a Solar Food Dehydrator!

We’ve seen many ways to make a food dehydrator before, here, and here.  I even got a food dehydrator here as a Christmas present when I was completely broke couple years back.  Well, here’s another great

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