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How to Make a $4 Solar Battery Charger!

For those of you with who live in California or where there’s a lot of sun, you might want to save some money on batteries by making this nifty solar battery charger for $4. Pretty cool idea using tupperware and all.

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Viva Light Tower!

Here’s an interesting eco-friendly design for an energy tower, Viva Light Tower!

The Viva Light Tower is a lamp post but totally independent from the grid. It derives its power from three natural sources; sun, wind, and biochemical.

via keetsa, yankodesign

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Electricity Hack – How to Make a Peltier Thermoelectric Cooler!

For those of you looking for alternative ways to create energy when you are camping, take a look at this video that shows you how to make a Peltier Thermoelectric Cooler, which can produce electricity from a camp fire, pretty neat.

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LED DIY – How to Make a Self-Sustaining DIY LED Flashlight!

With a coil, couple miniature magnets and an LED, did you know that you can make your own self-sustaining DIY LED flashlight?

I know, it’s mind boggling that you can build one yourself and it’s so simple.    Now, please add a circuit so it will “charge” a re-chargeable lithium battery, that will make it puuuurfect.

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DIY Globe Levitates AND Does Tilted Rotation!

It’s true that earth rotates at a tilted axis and part of the reason why we have different seasons.  Well, one man has gone where no one has gone before, he made a DIY globe that levitates AND does tilted rotation, all with inductive power to the globe power motor.

This is one helluva, impressive globe and I hope we can buy one of these in the next few years instead all that other crap people have been buying.

There are many globes available today which are levitating and rotating along vertical axis. This one is the world first globe levitating and rotating alo

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This Week’s Best Eco Green Posts! [EcoMax]

For those of you living like a scumbag and never recycle, here’s some of the best eco green posts to help you get out of it:

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DIY Island Made from Plastic Bottles! [Weekend WOW]


Can you believe now what you can do with plastic bottles is literally limitless as proven by this guy who built himself an island? Now, this beats islands you can buy in Dubai hands-down.

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Vibration Powered AA Batteries may be the Smartest Eco Batteries Ever!

You might remember the “water-powered” batteries from Japan about a year back. Well, if you thought that was innovative, check out Brother’s new invention, vibration-powered double-A batteries that can be used for low-voltage gadgets.

I know for a fact that this would work really well for kid’s toys where shaking often occurs anyways, this could be ground-breaking, saving a whole lot of energy worldwide when it debuts.

This time, Brother Industries prototyped the genera

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Airplane Powered by Your Feet!

Yup, this one is truly amazing, an airplane powered by your feet!

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DIY Recycled Apple G3 Clock!

For those of you who want to re-kindle your love for Apple products, how about an Apple G3 Clock?

This clock was made using a recycled Mac G3 computer motherboard, complete with Ram, processor and a Mac mouse utilized as the working pendulum bob. The clock face is a DVD with keyboard keys as the clock numbers. It has a quartz clock/ pendulum movement and runs on 2 AA batteries, included. The hands are much more visible in person,. This clock measures 11.5″W x 17″H. It will make

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