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World’s Smallest DIY USB PC with HDMI Output!

This has to be the world’s smallest DIY USB PC, fully functional with an HDMI output so you can plug in to your LCD monitor/keyboard and be ready to boot it up.

This DIY USB PC packs a 700MHz ARM 11 CPU, 128MB of RAM, and OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics, pretty click device.

I imagine there will become a day when all desktop PCs will become this size or perhaps the smartphones and PCs will converge soon or later.

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USB Hack – How to Make Your Own DIY USB Keylogger!

Talk about stealth, this guy has made his own DIY USB keylogger, which is actually USB keyboard adapter with a PIC microcontroller “inside” it as its brains.

Of course, keylogging is probably not legal to do unless you have a good reason like you are an FBI agent spying on suspects/terrorists.

Regardless, knowing how one can make a DIY USB keylogger that is also super-stealth is good to know for your own security that there are smart people o

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Circuits DIY – How to Make Your Own Capacitor!

Do you know what capacitors do?  For those of you who don’t know (don’t worry most people don’t know what capacitors are unless you took some electrical engineering classes in college or you are electrician/bass-head), capacitors are basically electronic parts that can store energy, almost like a battery (it is kinda of one).

Anyways, for some reason the world ends tomorrow, perhaps you can make your own capacitor (provided there’s some aluminum foil still around, you can make that too first if needed) using aluminum foil!

I am not going to bur

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How to Make DIY Animated LED Glasses!

As soon as I saw these DIY animated LED glasses, I knew this is one of the coolest glasses I would ever get to wear.  From reading the instructions, it seems pretty easy to make, based on PixAxe microcontrollers, meaning you can program it in BASIC language.

I think the important thing here is that the idea of putting LEDs on the glasses (and taking it to music shows according to the author) that’s genius at hand.

Kudos, freakin’ love this.

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DIY Credit Card Reader Mozart Music Maker!

Steve Chamberlin has created an awesome DIY credit card reader that plays mozart music when you swipe any kind of credit card. He reverse engineered the Z-80 computer inside the credit card reader and let it play some mozart music based on Melisma Stochastic Melody Generator. This is a pretty nifty idea I think, perhaps has a lot more uses to it than just playing music, could be applied to membership cards, pe

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DIY Felt Mouse!

Do you want a mouse that’s truly eco-friendly and made from wood felt, teak, and aluminum?

Well, designer Joey Roth has created this DIY felt mouse that’s exactly that.

I was inspired by the mouse’s intimate contact with the human skin, which is unique among peripherals. Although it’s more similar to a glove or shoe than a printer, mice are typically made from the same thermoplastics. For such a tactile and purposeful object, this is wrong.

I was inspired by the mouse’s intimate co

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How to Build a DIY Shopping Cart Lounge Chair!

We’ve seen some crazy things done with a shopping cart before, here’s another cool way to turn a shopping cart into a lounge chair.  Designer Mike Bouchet decided to have a go at it, I think this is a wonderful idea except I think you need to put some comfy leather lining or something to make it comfortable/usable.

At Design Miami/ Basel, you will see a series of sun loungers created by Bouchet.   They

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How to Make Electric Cable Organizer with Toilet Paper Rolls!

Here’s a neat idea for organizing all your electric cables in a box.  Rather than just placing them everywhere pointlessly and later cursing at yourself why you can’t find your microUSB cable while you try to root your Atrix 4G Phone, save all your toilet paper rolls and use them to compartmentalize your shoebox and neatly place all your wires there.

I’ve been doing exactly this, stuffing all my USB/computer cables in my drawer along with all my other things and I

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Atrix 4G Hack – How to Enable WebTop Without Laptop/Multimedia Dock!

I was hugely disappointed to find out that after purchasing my Atrix 4G and connecting it to my LCD monitor via HDMI cable, the Atrix 4G doesn’t do WebTop unless you connect it using an Atrix 4G Laptop Dock ($499) or Atrix 4G Multimedia Dock($83).

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DIY Book Xylophone!

What do you think will happen when you use books (yes real books, not e-books) as hitting pad for a xylophone?

You get a DIY Book Xylophone, capable of auto-playing tunes and also giving you pleasure of thumping/punishing your old hack books you’ve already read a thousand times.

A guy in Japan made this, very interesting read although Google Translate isn’t working all that perfectly.

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