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GM and Segway’s P.U.M.A!

Looks like against all the liability issues, GM and Segway has allowed the Gizmodo team to take a ride in their new P.U.M.A.

My first thoughts?  I would NEVER ride in that thang, it’s too small. (That’s my first honest reaction.)  I doubt that people over 200 pounds can even fit in that thing nevermind getting stuck.  But a great idea, sorta the next-level version of Segway.  To me it seems more like a miniature version of

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Propane DIY – How to Carry Your Propane Tank Safely Using Tank Nanny!

Here’s an awesome propane tank carrier for your car/SUV/truck, it’s called a Tank Nanny and will let your BBQ propane tank sit safe and straight up.  It’s amazing that it took so long for humans to come up with such a solution but heck, we have it now.

Cogswell asked his suppliers for something to secure the tanks, but couldn’t find anything. Thus was born the idea for the Tank Nanny, a skid-free plastic holder that provides a snug fit for the standard 20-pound propan

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Car Hack – How to Parallel Park!


Here’s a fun way to parallel park your car.

1. Back up into the parking space diagonally.

2. Turn on your back brakes.

3. Turn your wheels toward the curb.

4. Rev your engine as hard as you can.

Of course, this method will only work on front-wheel powered rice-rockets only.

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Auto DIY – How to Replace Air Filter and Spark Plugs on a Chevy Trailblazer!

Well, I had the pleasure of replacing the air filter and spark plugs on my Chevy Trailblazer yesterday.  Let me tell you how I did it for those of you who don’t know.

First of all, the air filter is pretty easy, just take the 3 screws out on box on the left inside the hood.  If you take the left box out, you will see your air filter.

Take the air filter out and don’t replace it yet if you are going to replace the spark plugs too.

For spark plugs, you will need to take off the center box piece by wrenching out 2 bolts and unscrewing the air intake piping an

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Why Build a Teardrop Trailer

Why build a teardrop caravan?

Way back when in the 90s yours truly was the proud owner of a Ford Transit Camper. High top, gas cooker, 2 berth (although regularly slept 5-6, the 6th usually being Steve accross the front seats with feet out of the window) 2.5 diesel engine and ample storage.

After several years of foraying on inter city jaunts at home and abroad with mountain bike in back, it’s health rapidly deteriated. Noises began appearing where they shouldn’t, ie. not the usual camper van rattles and bangs from the back, cupboard doo

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Car DIY – How to Tune your Import Car!


Well, I just launched another blog called  Basically, we will be featuring many fun things about how to hack your import car.

Here’s a couple of posts that will get you craving for more on how to tune your import car:

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Auto DIY – How to Be Ready for Battery Failure with an AC Car Starter!

I admit to having a lot of car problems including flat tires and running my battery empty by leaving my headlights on.  Well, there’s a quick solution to those flat tire and battery problems, especially if you live in a rural area where it’s hard to find nearby help.

You can use one of these $20 AC Car starters, which basically can store 17 amps of powe

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Car Hack – How to Hide FasTrak, EZ-Pass, or Other Toll Tag in Your Car!

FasTrak toll tag device can be annoying and ugly for your car interior, there’s no reason why you can’t hide it somewhere else such as underneath your glove department.

Here’s a great DIY that can give you some good ideas on how to hide that RFID toll-tag you always wanted to get out of your eyesight. (nevermind, the annoying factor when you drive or the toll tag slides…)

This instructable covers how toll tags work and how to embed or hide your FasTrak, or EZ-Pass, or any other electronic toll collection device in you

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LOL – DIY Ford Mustang Body, Toyota MR2 Custom Car!

My redneck friend used to say FORD stood for “Fucked Over Rebuilt Dodge” and I have been confused to why he has a FORD now.  Anyways, there’s a Ford Mustang body kit for those of you with a Toyota MR2.  I don’t know why you would want to do this but you can.

I guess these guys are based in UK and they must be able to do this regardless of what kind of car you have.  It might be a great idea to build a sleeper car that “looks” like a Mustang but goes waaay

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Windshield Wiper Sharpener, Is It Worth It?

Well, someone has the nerve to sell these Windshield Wiper Sharpeners for $4.90.  Now, I know that the cheapest windshield wipers cost about $5 each.  I’d probably rather get new wipers but heck, this sharpening tool is a good way to make your wipers last longer and save earth?

via coolest-gadgets

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