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Auto DIY – How to Negotiate with a Car Dealer!

Car dealers/salesmen have been touted as one of the worst people in the world for ripping off consumers.  It’s true, even today, car buying process in America isn’t easy as paying for the retail sticker, you must haggle, haggle, and haggle.

Well, I just came across the “secrets” of car negotiation that could possibly make you  a better negotiator the next time you shop for cars.

Salesman: So let me ask you this, Oren. I know you’re a businessman, and we’re both real busy. So if I were to offer you the car at $47,900, would that work? Weint

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Wireless Auto Mouse!

For those of you in love with American cars like me, you might want to consider getting one of these awesome wireless auto mouse that let you click and feel like you are vrooming when you are surfing the net.

As a mouse, my Ford GT worked great out of the box. Like most optical wireless mice, it comes with two AAA batteries and a compact USB wireless dongle. Once the batteries were installed and the dongle was plugged in, the mouse worked flawlessly from

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Hertz Italiana Offering Lotus Elise SC in Italy!

Here’s some good news for fellas out there traveling to Italy as Hertz has just announced they will make these Lotus Elise SCs available for rent.  Now,  it’s going to cost you some big dollars over your regular ol’ Accent but going 10 times faster might just be worth it. – via autoblog


Lotus Cars Limited, the sportscar subsidiary of Group Lotus plc is delighted to announce a marketing co-operation agreement wit

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Steering Wheel Desk is Perfect for Netbooking in My Car!

Ever since I got my new awesome netbook, I have been working from my driver seat in my car.  Well, it doesn’t feel awfully comfortable since I don’t really have a desk but I just found this perfect Steering Wheel Desk on the Laptop blog! (Only $24.95 on Amazon)  Next time you see me blogging away on my new steering wheel

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Increasing Auto Insurance Fraud and How to Re-Negotiate Your Car Payments!

The recession economy is increasing auto insurance fraud like no other in history.  According to Autoblog,

Despondent over being financially strapped and unable to cover car payments, vehicle owners are ditching, sinking, or torching their vehicles and reporting the loss to collect insurance payoffs.

It is definitely a shame to see honest citizens affected by the economy and end up burning their cars.

My honest advice is to really get a grip on your life before you attempt to recover money from insurance companies.  Life isn’t supposed to be easy but there’

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Auto DIY – How to Get CASH for your Old Car!

Here’s how you can get some cash for your old car if you qualify for the Cash for Clunkers Rebate Program.  The following cars are eligible up to $4,500 of cash if you trade in for a new vehicle that gets better mileage.

1996 Honda Passport ($1,227) 1997 Lincoln Continental ($1,179) 1998 Chevrolet Silverado ($3,378) 1995 Audi A6 ($1,261) 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser ($4,042)

via green blog

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RV DIY – How to Go Green with RVs!

Here’s some great tips on how to save money and energy if you are into RVs and cross-country driving:

1. Try a diesel-powered RV model such as the BioTrekker, which is powered by the more fuel efficient and less costly biodiesel.

2. Convert an existing model to biodiesel via a kit. Biodiesel kits can be found online or via a green RV dealer.

Q: Don’t you need a special biodiesel engine to run it? A: No. B100 (100 percent biodiesel) will run in most diesel engines with little or no modifications. B20 (20 percent biodiesel) will run in any diesel engine without mo

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Eco-Auto New Roundup!

Here’s a bit of an update on the auto industry from our green blog:

Boston Power unveiling their Plug-in Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicles (PHEV/BEV) with SWING.  Propel Fuel will be holding a hydrogen vehicle showdown.

Are you ready for the Top 5 budget hybrid cars of 2009? –

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DIY iPhone Car Remote Controller!


Okay, this is probably fake but they did a helluva job making this video!

via gizmodo

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Arduino Hack – How to Make your Own Knight Rider Scanner!

My old friend Garrett Mace over at (also @macegr on Twitter) has been tinkering and released his own ShiftBrite RGB LED module.  It’s currently out of stock but he says he will have more of them soon.  (You can also check out Garrett’s previous DIYs he did on here)

You can make an easy Knight Rider Sca

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