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DIY – RGB Color Controllable High Power LED Room & Spot Lighting

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Check out this cool high power LED Room and Spot Lighting! It’s incredible what you can make with some parts!



Cool touchscreens for home automation

These guys have really cool touchscreens if you have the money and the time to build the ultimate home automation system.

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DIY – Function Generator

Check out this function generator you can make if you don’t want to spend tons of hundred dollar bills on a real one.

Have a look at this professional function generator for example. Nuxie ha

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DIY – Make your own self-powered mini-flashlight

Here’s a cool self-recharging mini-flashlight you can make yourself if you are still on vacation. Come to think of it, we are going to have to build self-powered POVs soon…

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DIY HACk – A Tiny Wireless Motion Sensor

Here’s a cool little tiny wireless motion sensor you can make for the spies in all of us.

The idea was to put together a movie spy-gadget grade device both on the cheap and very small. Usually the gadgets you see in movies are fictionally created by well-funded government agencies with top scientists. It’s not all Hollywood magic – you too can create fun spy gadgets without nee

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