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VHS Hack – How to Make a VHS USB Flash Drive!

I am sure many of you are wondering why in the world you would make a VHS USB flash drive.  That’s exactly the point.

By making one of these VHS USB flash drives, you can easily and inconspicuously hide all your important  data as part of your old VHS collection that might be gathering dust anyways.

Alan from HackedGadgets has done it again, he’s made this cool retro-gadget and wants to share with you, every little detail and things you’d need to know to make one yourself, enjoy.  Great stuff Alan, keep ’em comin’ are u twittering yet?

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LED Message Mouse with a Fan for Clickers!

At first, I though this was a “massage” mouse, sorta vibrating in your hand whenever you are clicking too much.  Of course, I was wrong, it’s an LED “Message” mouse that will allow you to display a personalized message.

I do highly like the fan feature though, my hand gets so sweaty from all the writing and blogging, this might come in handy on those hot days after I finish working out.

Too bad

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USB Powered E-Cigarette from Thanko!

For a nicotine addicts like me who simply cannot get out of smoking the cancer sticks, this USB Powered E-cigarette might be a healthier alternative.  I said it could, my favorite cigarettes are still going to be Marlboro Lights.  (If I am in Korea, it will be This)

Anyways, check it out, it might b

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Travel Gadget – 5-Port USB AC Charger that works on 110VAC and 220VAC!

Here’s a cool 5-port USB AC charger that will work on multiple AC channels including 110AC and 220AV overseas.  This might come very handy if you are a world-traveler.

Included 4 USB ports and 1 Mini USB Cable. Recharge on the go .The travel charger makes it . LED charge indicator. Overload protection. Overheat protection Short circuit protection. Compatible with all USB charge cable use. Alterna

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USB Jewel Butterfly Flash Drive is Fashionable and Sleek for Ladies!

If you are looking for that fashionable and sleek USB Flash Drive, it’s here, the USB Jewel Butterfly Flash Drive.  It looks more like a perfume bottle, making it perfect as a gift to your ladies.

Fashionable jewel series USB thumb drive with decorative crystal butterfly. Strap is included to attach to your cellphone or keys for convenient.

via coo

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Lego DIY – How to Make a Lego USB Flash Drive!

If you are out of time, you can buy a Lego USB flash drive over here but if you do have time to play around, try learning how to make a lego USB Flash Drive.

The finished product, the second image shows the original case for the memory stick and the final image shows the LED in action.

I was tempted to make an end cap, but it’d annoy me and I’d only loose it.

via instructables

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Waterproof USB GPS Receiver

The ultimate setup for your car might include a netbook, customized into your dashboard somehow and of course, don’t forget to get one of these waterproof USB GPS receivers so you know exactly where you are.

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Best MP3 Player Review – Not an iPod Sorry!

Surprisingly, many people “don’t” know which MP3 player is the best.  It’s not iPod, iPod Touch, nor the iPhone.

I am not talking about which MP3 player can browse the web, have touch interface, or download new paid apps, not all that junk I don’t need while I listen to my music.

I personally own an iPod and an iPod Touch but I rarely use them as my

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Philips Portable USB Speaker System!

I’ve been searching for a small USB-powered laptop speakers and I think I found the perfect one (thanks to editors at Coolest Gadgets blog!), it’s a Philips portable USB speaker, it’s small enough yet powerful for you to get some extra hearing power out of your laptop.

Okay, enough blogging, let me go order one now. 🙂

Price $18.85 on Amazon

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OLPC Hack – How to Run OLPC on any Laptop!

OLPC (One Laptop Per Child), can now be run on any computer via a USB flash drive.  If you wanted to get your child one of these OLPCs, you no longer have to buy an OLPC.  Just get a used laptop for 50 bucks then simply stick one of these Sugar on Stick USB flash devices that will run OLPC operating system.

There are two versions of Sugar on a Stick available at the moment. One is based on Fedora 10, whil

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