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iRiver USB Drive – Domino!

These new iRiver USB drives really do look like Dominos.  Neat!

Reigncom( released its sliding USB memory ‘iriver domino’ that comes in six different colors.

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Lamborghini USB Memory Stick!

You know, I keep telling myself that I will get to own one of these Lamborghinis one day but in the meanwhile if you can’t afford one, get a Lamborghini USB stick to fill your little desires.

Authentically designed and licensed by Lamborghini, the blue tinted windows, classic vented back windows and the sporty yellow or white paint job make this a car to have and a car to go with you anywhere.

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Nutouch 7″ Digital Frame with MP3 AND Touchscreen does the job indeed.

Who said a 800×600 pixel 7″ digital frame with MP3 and touchscreen isn’t awesome?

You control it with the sexy blue LED touch sensor array we mentioned earlier that’s built into the piano black frame – touch the frame and the buttons appear. The built-in battery lets you run the digital frame for a couple of hours without being plugged in – so you can show your latest pics off at your next dinner party without trailing wi

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Eye-Fi – an SD card that catches thieves!

Lol… make sure to check the SD card label before you hook it up to your computer.

The Eye-Fi hooks up to the internet and sends your photos to either an online sharing site or directly back to your home machine. In this case it was the latter, and the hapless thief not only sent the precious vacation shots back to Alison’s computer, but — according to the email we received from Gadget Lab reader Joe Volat — “pictures [of] the thieves proudly displaying Alison’s lifted camera equipment”.

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Hacking a Smart Card with Acetone and Nitric Acid…

Here’s a great video explaining the works behind hacking a smart card.

Looks like it’s a very dangerous process, much more dangerous than making methamphetamine.


SAN DIEGO — Christopher Tarnovsky feels vindicated. The software engineer and former satellite-TV pirate has been on the hot seat for five years, accused of helping his former employer, a Rupert Murdoch company, sabotage a rival to gain the top spot in the global pay-TV wars.

But two weeks ago a jury

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USB Flash Drive Dog protects your Data!

This USB Flash Drive Dog will protect your data by scaring off on-lookers and lurkers…(sarcastic…)

What we have here is a custom (one of a kind) USB flash drive DOG. Internally, he holds 1Gig of memory and plenty of attitude. Hot swappable, plug and play, and no drivers needed. With this bad boy, you will definitely be the leader of the pack. Comes complete with a 6 foot usb extension cable.


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The USB Pizza Drive!

As a former Pizza Hut employee (over 10 years ago), I can appreciate the USB Pizza drive.  But I want a pepperoni pizza, not the weird looking beef and green pizza!

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8GB Fingerprint USB Drive!

Need security for your USB drive? Here comes the fingerprint technology embedded in a USB drive. We should expect a face-recognition USB drive by end of 2010.



Advanced fingerprint recognition technology File encryption/decryption Adjustable public and private partition areas Elegant and durable rubber coated exterior One-touch fingerprint access Easy-to-grip for superior handling Capless Design, Retractable USB connector means

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Western Digital Portable 320GB fits in your pocket!

It looks like these 320GB passport-size storage beasts are released…in Korea.  Darn it…

Next time your friend goes to Korea, make them get one for you on the black market. (It’s cheaper, you can haggle real low…)

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USB Flash Stick!

I don’t know if a USB flash stick is practical but it’s funny as hell.

For one, I like the natural look of the wood clothespin in contrast to the shiny metal of the USB connection. The other more obvious benefit is that it can be easily attached to anything like a shirt pocket, making it harder to lose when it�s not in use.

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