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USB Dog does Sit-ups!


If you thought humping USB dog was too x-rated, here’s a slightly more G-rated version, a Crunching dog USB that does sit-ups.

They’ve got the Dalmation, Beagle, and Labrader USB dogs, all with a six-pack.

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Skateboard USB Flash Drive!

There’s a finally a non-geeky way to carry your USB flash drives.  Now you can get the SkateDrive, which is a miniture Skateboard USB you can carry about discreetly.

Action Sport Drives have teamed up with Santa Cruz to create the first and only authentic USB Flash Drive skateboards. We’ve combined this innovative design with the graphics from actual Santa Cruz skateboard.

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5TeraByte 3.5-inch Hard Drive coming within the Next 2 years!

5 TB 3.5 inch hard drives maybe coming soon…in the next 2 years or so.

Hitachi has pledged to release a 5TB 3.5in hard drive within two years, and it claims two of the drives will boast enough capacity to store everything in your brain.

According to a report by Nikkei Net, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies will use Current-Perpendicular-to-Plane Giant Magnetoresistance (CPP-GMR) magnetc read heads to achieve the aim. This, the firm claims, will allow its drives to store 1TB of data in every square inch of the recording surface.

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Robot USB Drive!

This robot USB sucks with only 256MB, pretty much useless unless you like the form design factor.

The USB drive robot is not only functional he is a conversation piece. This little guy is a 256MB drive and includes a clasp to attach to your keychain, briefcase, or purse. Also available in 1G (Select at Checkout). His arms are flexed showing is muscle powers.  Made of plastic and metal.

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Eco-Mode 3.5″ HDD Sata HardDisk Case saves you up to 71% of Energy!

Marshal’s new case for 3.5″ SATA HDD can save you up to 71% of energy and harddisk operations as it automatically stops disc rotation after 5 minutes of inactivity.

What do we think?

It’s great for the harddisk and the environment, get one when they are available.  Products like this save you both money and help promote eco-friendliness.

Technically speaking, nothing revolutionary, simply an ECO mode that stops disc rotation af

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Trackstick for Google Earth Tracking your Travels!

Check out Trackstick if you are interested in automatically logging your travels so you can view them later on Google Earth!

It works anywhere on the planet. Traveled locations can be shown via a red line that is traced on satellite photos and 3D terrain using the latest mapping technologies from Google™ Earth. Trackstick continuously records its exact route, stop times, speed, direction, and other valuable information, all of which can be quickly downl

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Recycled Record Case!

Here’s a cool recycled record case that you can store your good ol’ records in.

Designed with vintage record carrying cases in mind, with a new twist, this handmade box holds somewhere between thirty and forty seven-inch vinyl records – or whatever else you may want to store or take with you. Enjoy storing your records within a box made of records! What, no records to store you say? It would make a cool and truly unique purse as well.

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Credit Card Size 8GB USB Drive!

Although there are many mini-usb drives now, this credit card size 8GB USB drive might do the trick of hiding safetly and discreetly in your wallet.

‧ 3mm Thin (Aluminum Alloy Casing )

‧ Retraction Connector

‧ Mobile USB flash drive, USB 1.1/2.0 compatible

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DVR Pen can Capture Video Like James Bond!

The DVR pen can record your next spy outing without letting your guests know you are recording them.  Recorded video is automatically saved to the embedded flash drive so all you gotta do is connect to your USB for replaying the vids.

This first mini DVR Pen Recorder in the world which is both a camera and recorder in the shape of a Pen that actually writes.. Durable constructed pen with smooth writing with ink that can be changed with standard refills. Simply plug into

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LaCie Little Big Disk Quadra – 1 Terabyte of Storage!

Need some serious storage for your files? Here’s the LaCie little big disk quadra with 1 terabytes (that’s 1,000 gigabytes!) of storage.

1 x eSATA 3Gbits port; 2 x FireWire 800 ports (FireWire 400 compatible); 1 x Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port

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