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USB Hacks – How to Remove Auto-Play Spyware/Virus From USB Flash Drives!

Sometimes, manufacturers can ship their USB flash drives with spyware or virus by accident. (or someone has hacked it on there)

Most of these spyware/viruses can be rather easy to remove with some DOS command skills.  Usually, they involve running off the Autorun.inf, which runs the moment you connect the USB flash drive to your Windows computer.

Just delete that file and you should most likely be fine to go.

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Fastest MicroSD Card Review!

For those of using your smartphones such as the Nexus One to use it as a storage device, you might have noticed some “lag” when transferring big files.

This is usually due to the fact that most smartphones ship with Class 2 MicroSD cards.

Class 2 MicroSD cards are rated at minimum of 2MB/s, which is sorta slow if you compared to the regular USB flash, which nears around 30MB/s with USB 2.0 supported flash drives.

Class 4 MicroSD cards are rated at maximum of 4MB/s while Class 6 MicroSD cards are at 6MB/s.

There’s also Class 8 at 8MB/s and Class

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Ubuntu Hack – How to Make a Bootable Ubuntu USB Flash Drive!

Last night I had the pleasure of making my very first bootable Ubuntu USB flash drive.  The reason I made this new Ubuntu USB flash drive was because I wanted to have a real “portable” linux system that I can run everywhere.

Where, I got it up and running in just about 5 minutes (minus the fact that I had to download the ISO file).   Ubuntu 9.10 ran flawlessly on my ASUS UL30Jt laptop, everything worked out of the box, the wireless, graphics, sound, and even my volume keys!

Anyways, let me show you how to make your own bootable Ubuntu USB flash drive.  I will sh

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Linux Hack – How to Make Persistent Bootable USB Flash Live Disks for Ubuntu/Linux Operating Systems!

Remember I told you about a cool free software called UNetbootin that lets you make bootable USB flash drives for your linux operating systems?

Well, I ran into one problem, I could only make live CD versions of linux, but not able to use it as a hard drive in “persistent mode”.

You can use Ubuntu’s USB-imagewriter to make a persistent bootable USB flash drive except you will need Ubuntu installed to use the program to begin with.

For those of you who are running Windows, you can get this awesome free program called

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Windows 7 Hack – How to Install Windows 7 with USB Flash Drive!

For those of you who despise carrying a Windows 7 installation DVD with you everywhere or your laptop/netbook doesn’t have a DVD drive, you might want to learn how to install Windows 7 without an optical drive but with a USB flash drive.

1. Make sure you have Windows 7 discs.  If you have an ISO version, you can use MagicISO (freeware that will let you attach your ISO as a virtual DVD drive). (Download MagicISO here)

2. Format your USB flash drive using diskpart. *Make sure you use at least a 4G

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USB Hack – How to Make a USB Cable Flash Drive!

Here’s a clever hack that can turn your old USB flash drive into a new one by inserting it in a USB cable.  I personally have a bunch of USB flash drives where the chain has broken off, this hack will help me revive those into my keychain again.

The casing of the USB drive started to crack at some places, so I was planing to make a case replacement anyway. It doesn’t matter really how you put the circuit board out, as long as it’s intact for transplant. Also, verify the length and width of the circuit board to make sure it fits inside the USB connector.

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64GB SanDisk SD Card!

For those of you who are still on 32GB SD cards and you still have not enough room for all your photos/videos on your digital camera/DSLR, you will be happy to learn that SanDisk just launched their new 64GB SDXC Card with 15MB/s read/write speeds.  This one is actually called “SDXC” so make sure your camera supports “SDXC” beforehand.

Perfect for the latest

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256GB USB Flash Drives!

For those of you who have been waiting for the world’s largest USB flash drive, the wait is finally over.  Datatraveler 310 256GB (yes, that’s 256 gigabytes!) USB Flash Drives are available on Amazon for $843.99.  I don’t think there’s many of these in stock

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Industrial Nexcopy CF (Compact Flash) Duplicators Review!

Nexcopy, the company who introduced USB duplicators, has just intro-ed their newest product line, CF (Compact Flash) duplicators.

Why would you need this?

For example, my Canon EOS 7D uses 16GB compact flash cards.  Trust me, it’s not easy to copy multiple CF cards at once, it will take me months if I tried to do it manually.   For that, there’s the new NexCopy CF Duplicators, allowing you to copy up to 45 CF cards a

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128GB Compact Flash Announced by Silicon-Power!

While I am still playing with what seems my “measly” 16GB compact flash card, Silicon Power just announced that 128GB compact flash with 400x (or about 60Mb/s).  That on-par with the industry’s leading 60Mb/s from Sandisk.  (Btw,

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