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How to Get Old With!

Here’s an interesting site that morphs your age so you look older.  What do you think?  Do I look older now?

Try your own age prediction at

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How to Convert .AVI files to DVD ISO!

Recently, I’ve been trying to find a free open-source software for converting .avi format video files to DVD files.  Well, I found this really great free program called Avi2Dvd that will convert your Avi files to ISO images.

Upon finishing the ISO images, you can simply “burn them as images” into your CD/DVDs.

The only catch?  It does take 2 hours to convert a 90 minute AVI video to ISO on my Intel Core i7 desktop.

That’s not too of a worry unless you are thinking about conve

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After Effects CS5 DIY – How to Add Comic Effects to your Videos!

I was just messing around Adobe Effects CS5 today and found you can add comic effects to your videos.  Just drag Style->Cartoon into your video:

(Before the cartoon effect)

(After cartoon effect)

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How to Do Color Correction w/ Color Finesse 3 LE on After Effects CS5!

For those of you looking for information on how to do color correction with After Effects CS5, you can do it with Color Finesse 3 LE plugin.

What is color correction? From what I understand, it’s basically like editing RAW images you took and changing the contrast, brightness, etc…etc…

By color correcting, you can make your video’s final production seem more film-like.

Well, I am just studying this myself so I thought I’d share it with people who are in the same boat.

This video is great for learning the basics of color corrections

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How to Monitor TCP/IP in Windows 7!

For those of you wondering how to monitor TCP/IP connections in Windows 7, there’s a free, open-source program called CurrPorts (download here) you can use to monitor everything that’s going on with your network. Sometimes the default tools on Windows 7 isn’t enough, especially if you computer has been compromised by spyware or malware (which could alter the Windows 7 task manager to not show themselves).

Using some kind TCP/IP sniffing software such

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Xambox Allows You To Retrieve Your Documents From Anywhere!

For those of you who have a hard time dealing with physical papers, it’s time for you to start using a service like Xambox, which stores your documents securely in cloud and to be retrieved anywhere.

Of course, you probably want to know how I do it too, I just e-mail myself the important PDF documents via GMail.   But the only thi

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How to Fix “License has expired for this product” for Adobe CS4!

For those of you who have bought Adobe CS4 and have been getting “License has expired for this product” message, there’s a quick fix you can use to fix the problem, it seems like some kind of licensing bug that could be affecting users who’ve bought the software.

The main problem is that after a certain period of time, the AMT Licensing file refuses to allow the CS4 application to load Apparently after reading around, it is discovered that t

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Samsung Vibrant, Captivate, Epic 4G, and Fascinate [Galaxy S Driver Download]!

For those of you who want to root your Samsung Vibrant, Samsung Captivate, Samsung Epic 4G, or Samsung Fascinate, you will need to download the Samsung USB driver program which will work across all Samsung Galaxy S platforms.

Download Samsung USB driver for 64-bit systems

On 32-bit Windows, Linux, and Mac, you might not need this driver and ADB drivers from the Android SDK should work fine. (I think…)

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Canon EOS Hack – How to Download Canon EOS Utility and Install It!

For those of you who lost your Canon EOS software disk that came with your camera, you can easily install it by downloading the latest Canon EOS Utility (or any other software update) and install the full version by fooling your operating system.

The problem is that Canon software updates won’t update if you don’t have the original version installed but we can easily get around that.

For Windows 7 64-bit (which I have), you can save the following as a .reg file:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Canon\EOS Utility]

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Skype Beta Download Now Available for Windows!

I’ve never been sucker for new “beta” versions of Skype but for those of you who need to kill to be on the bleeding technology of VOIP technology, knock yourself out by downloading the new Skype Beta 5.0 for Windows here.

This beta version comes with a free trial of group video calling. Video call up to four of your friends – all at the same time. Everyone on the call will be able to see and hear each other.

Note: group video calling currently works with Skype 5.0

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