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Blue Screen of Death used as Fuzz Prop at NIN concert!

I know, this is the famous blue screen of death that has been haunting Windows users for the last decade and now it’s being used as part of a background prop for NIN concert.

Yes, Windows is officially crap…watch the video to see the blue screen of death in action although it’s really hard to see. (Jump to 1:04)


via gizmodo,

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Time to Boycott BestBuy and Circuit City during Microsoft’s Marketing Antics!

Instead of using their $300 million on customer services/refunds for wrongly-installed Vistas on brand new laptops/PCs, Microsoft is trying to copy Apple Genius strategy by having 155 Microsoft Vista experts roam around your local BestBuy and CircuitCity.

As someone who had a horrible experience at BestBuy trying to return a digital camera, (which BestBuy didn’t let me return it for whatever reason so I now have TWO identical digital cameras)

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Bill Gates and Seinfeld TV Commercial!


Remember Microsoft hired Seinfeld to do advertising for their new $300 Million campaign?

Here’s the new Bill Gates and Seinfeld TV commercial which I did get to see yesterday for the first time and looks like bunch of people uploaded it to Youtube.

First look tells me that this ad really sucks in comparison to Apple.  There’s not enough “juice” going on to even understand what they are advertising.

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Jerry Seinfeld Hired by Microsoft to do Anti-Apple Ads!

I don’t think Jerry Seinfeld will help the sales of Vista operating system, but at least the commercials will be funny enough to watch.

What do I think about Microsoft still trying to push their Vista operating system?

It’s basically worthless operating system bundled with so many features you can’t use unless you buy a computer with Vista installed.  Even then, your Vista is not guaranteed to work with all your peripherals with constant, annoying firewall prompts.

Microsoft Corp., weary of being cast

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Windows Vista Mojave Experiment

Microsoft is doing an experiment where they tell people about their new “Mojave” operating system and how cool it is.  In the end, MS tells the participants that the “Mojave” OS is actually Windows Vista.

(10/08/2008 UPDATE – Now I have Vista pre-installed on my new Inspiron 1525 $600 Dell laptop, check out what happened on the first day, this is

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Windows XP runs on iPhone with Citrix!

Here’s a cool news that you can run Windows XP remotely on an iPhone.  Which doesn’t surprise me since that’d be a good way to check up on your home computer while traveling.  The funny thing is it uses “unix” app to do that, meaning there’s Unix underlying the whole thing so if Windows gives you a blue death screen, you will still be okay.

Windows XP, seen below running on the iPhone, was loaded using Citrix’s thin client desktop software XenDesktop. Using the Citrix ICA client — a UNIX application tha

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