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Future on Ubuntu and Desktop Linux!

For many years I have been using both Windows and Linux, switching often between the two.  But for the last 3 years or so I have stuck mostly with Windows XP and Windows 7 as of its recent introduction to the consumer market.

Well, let me tell you I have good news, I decided to fully use my Ubuntu linux as main operating system.

Why Ubuntu Linux?

I’ve been testing with Ubuntu 9.10 since it came out couple month back (yes, I know there’s a beta 10.04, don’t be such a Ubuntuhead.), installed it on all of my desktops/laptops and even run in on Windows 7 under V

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Chrome DIY – How to Fix Linux Chrome Error – “The server’s security certificate is revoked!”

I recently installed Google Chrome browser on my Ubuntu Linux.  Well, everytime I tried to access GMail, I’d get the following error:

“The server security certificate is revoked!”

This error happens to be a time error because my Ubuntu Live USB flash disk defaults to UTC.

To fix, just do:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

and fix your time zone (and time).

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Wep Hack – How to Crack WEP!

*Warning: This guide is for educational purposes only, do not crack your neighbor’s or anyone’s wifi as it’s illegal to do so in the U.S.   Please check with your country’s local law for those of you outside the U.S. and use common sense when hacking WEP.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of cracking my very first WEP.  Of course, it was my own wireless connection I hacked but I found it to be invaluable skill to learn just in case I go traveling around the world one day and find myself without a wireless connection, let’s say somewhere in Thailand for exa

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Linux Hack – How to Make Persistent Bootable USB Flash Live Disks for Ubuntu/Linux Operating Systems!

Remember I told you about a cool free software called UNetbootin that lets you make bootable USB flash drives for your linux operating systems?

Well, I ran into one problem, I could only make live CD versions of linux, but not able to use it as a hard drive in “persistent mode”.

You can use Ubuntu’s USB-imagewriter to make a persistent bootable USB flash drive except you will need Ubuntu installed to use the program to begin with.

For those of you who are running Windows, you can get this awesome free program called

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Linux Hack – How to Make USB Flash Live Disks for Ubuntu/Linux Operating Systems!

Recently, I’ve been having a blast playing with a bunch of USB flash drives including a Windows 7 USB Flash drive that helped me install Windows 7 on bunch of my friend’s computers.  Of course, I started playing with Linux now, different versions (distros) of Ubuntu.

Of course, along the way, I found this great free software that will quickly let you make a live USB flash drive of any linux distro you like called UNetBootin.

Basically, you download your favorite linux distro, use this softwa

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VMWare DIY – How to Run Ubuntu with Windows 7 in “Unity” mode!

Couple years back, actually exactly 5 years ago, I used to use Linux as my main operating system while Windows XP ran in VMWare Linux.  Well, those days are over because I feel that Windows simply runs slowly inside Linux.  But the other way works, you can always run Ubuntu inside Windows, I think that’s a better way to go if you need both operating systems in one computer.

Today I saw that on that there’s a “unity” mod

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Linux Hack – SSH/SCP HOWTOs for More Secure/Faster Linux!

As a person who manages about 10 web servers on a daily basis (yes, that’s the overworked poor me), SSH/SCP has been invaluable in having me get things done faster while keeping things secure.

For those of you who don’t know, SSH is basically a secure shell for linux systems (my web servers run linux) so you can connect to it remotely and get things done.  Of course, you will need a dedicated server of some sort because most shared web hosting companies don’t allow for SSH connections.  (or V

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Ubuntu Hacks – Top 10 Ubuntu HOWTOs for Faster/Better Ubuntu(or Linux)!

1. How to Speed Up Flash in Ubuntu!

As many of you Ubuntu users know, Flash can sometimes be slow and annoying on Ubuntu. has some great suggested tweaks that can improve your flash speeds including removing of all flash plug-ins and re-install the latest version of flash and tweaking the about:config settings in Firefox.

2. How to Install OpenOffice 3.2!

OpenOffice has been slowly making great progress over the years, it’s probably one of the best open-source document software out

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Ubuntu Hack – How to Restore GRUB Boot Loader After Installing Windows!

Here’s a quick one, how to restore GRUB boot loader after installing Windows for those of you Ubuntu users.  I used to know how to do this but keep forgetting, hence the point of this post.

This tutorial will explain how to restore Grub after installing Windows 7/Vista/Xp.If you are using dual boot PC with windows,Ubuntu for some reason you reinstall your windows now you may not see your grub 2 is loading because your windows installation might have been over written MBR (Master boot record).

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Linux Hack – How to Sync your iPhone/iPod Touch on Linux!

For those of you who need to sync  iPhone to your linux (and only God knows why Apple doesn’t support Linux out of the box), you might want to read up on this guide on which packages to install and how to do it. (well, coming soon really…)

As an avid linux user, I think this is something Apple must definitely look at as there are more linux users, Linux is still the most widely used operating system for websites including this one, that should give them some clue.


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