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How To Do Search Engine Hacks And Tricks

Want to access things that can’t normally be accessed by your search engine? Check this video out to learn how. This video tutorial shows you a variety of tricks and hacks you can use on the web. It covers 4 ways to search for security cameras, find websites you can’t search normally in search engines ( etc.), hiding google functions and more. Watch this video tutorial and l

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VideoLAN – Open Source DVD/VCD/Media Player

Recently, I had couple overseas VCDs to watch but I recently re-installed my PC and my default Windows Media Player could not open the VCDs. Although most computers nowdays come installed with a VCD-capable player, I decided to search for an open-source media player and found VideoLAN.

It works pretty good except I only had one trouble of videos playing in black and white. To fix this, you simply need to set the video mode to something like Direct3D.

The VideoLAN also is capable of playing many formats without extra installation

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