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Samsung Vibrant Accessories!

For those of you who just got your new Samsung Vibrant like me, here’s a list of “essential” Samsung Vibrant accessories based on my personal experience:

    Samsung Vibrant USB Cable – Samsung Vibrant uses micro USB cable for charging and syncing to your computer, if you don’t have any extra micro USB cables, I highly suggest to pick up extra 2 or 3 by ordering them on Amazon.  If you don’t and you lose it one day, you will end up spending 5 ti

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Samsung Galaxy S Sells over 300,000 Units in South Korea!

Samsung Galaxy S, which debuted in South Korea couple months back by Samsung in their home country, sold over 300,000 units.  This certainly is a good sign since South Korea is a small country (where I am from) and I would expect they would sell more of these units worldwide, especially here in the U.S. with the launch of T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant, Sprint Epic 4G, AT&T Samsung Captivate, and Verizon’s Samsung Fascinate, all of which are variants of the original Galaxy S Android smartphone.

Also note that the Samsung Galaxy S

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Samsung Galaxy S2 For May 2011!

Galaxy S might just be hitting the U.S. in a week or two but there’s some rumors that Samsung Galaxy S2 is already in the works with 1080P HDMI output, 1280×720 720P HD AMOLED display, Bluetooth 3.0, 2 Ghz ARM processor, 1080P HD video recording, and a whole lot more.

Most experts in South Korea (since I can read Korean) are saying these rumors are more likely to be true and will be available perhaps May 2011.

If it is true, HTC, Motorola, and other Android-makers will have a tough competition coming up. And it all boils down to better prices for people like us con

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Galaxy S Hacks – How to “Root” Galaxy S!

Here’s some great news for Galaxy S users, root your phone!

For those of you with a Galaxy S i9000, you can now “root” it!

How to install LK2.xx Your data or programs will not be deleted!!!!

1. Download: i9000_Kernel_LK9_01b9.7z 2. Unpack 3. Flash with Odin3 as PDA file

via samdroid

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Verizon Launching Samsung Fascinate!

Like Sprint’s Samsung Epic 4G and T-Mobile’s new Samsung Vibrant, (man, I am having hard time even remembering these names now) Verizon will be launching their own Samsung Android smartphone, the Samsung Fascinate.

This certainly is going to be exciting for Verizon Wireless because they are already launching Motorola’s new Droid X (which I am actually playing with right no

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Samsung Vibrant Coming to T-Mobile!

For those of you who are on T-Mobile and saddened because T-Mobile doesn’t have a superphone like Sprint’s HTC Evo 4G or Verizon’s upcoming Droid X, your wait is over as Samsung Vibrant, a 4-inch Super AMOLED packed Android Smartphone will be coming on July 21st.

This is basically T-Mobile branded version of the Samsung Galaxy S, similar to the Sprint’s new Epic 4G. (without the 4G of co

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Samsung Epic 4G – Next 4G Android Smartphone for Sprint!

Wow, Samsung is launching their Galaxy S smartphones on Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, AND AT&T.

First up, let’s talk about the new Sprint Samsung Epic 4G, which is Sprint’s branding for the Galaxy S.

The new Samsung Epic 4G will sport a 4-inch Super AMOLED, 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, 720P HD recording and a VGA front-facing cam.

The new Epic 4G will sport Samsung’s own ARM processor at 1Ghz dubbed “Hummingbird”.

Of course, it will also support 3G and WiMax 4G just like the HTC Evo 4G.

Man, this summer is going

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Samsung Bada Phone Hits Europe and Hands-on Review Video!

Samsung Bada phone hits Europe (as of yesterday) and it seems like Samsung has finally come up with a flawless smartphone OS that could compete on the levels with Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone OS.  Of course, don’t forget that Samsung is pushing its Android phones hard also, the first Android Samsung being intro-ed in South Korea just weeks ago. (although I did get to see a bunch of them earlier this year at CES 2010)

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Samsung Wave (Bada) Review!

Seriously, I’ve been hearing all about the Latest Samsung Wave phone that has a Badu operating system.   Okay, let me just get on with it, give you some details on the bad boy from Korea.

Oh yeah, let me add that “bada” means “ocean” in Korean, they should really have named it Samsung “Ocean”, not “Wave”, perhaps a mis-translation along the way.   Then again, it makes a bit of sense if you name the phone “wave” and the OS “ocean”, obviously they can’t all be the same.

The social asp

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Samsung Omnia 2 Hands-on Review! [CES Withdrawls]

I had a chance to take a look at the Samsung Omnia II at CES 2010.  Yes, I know, it’s oooold already but still, it’s a good Windows phone.  I should have the Samsung Galaxy hands-on review soon though.


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