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DIY iPhone HACK – Jailbreak that iPhone!

Yey, although there has been numerous Jailbreak HOWTOs for the iPhone since the birth of the “Safari-browsing” device, LifeHacker shows you a clear and easy method to jailbreak that iPhone. (Jailbreak is btw a aftermarket firmware/software for your iPhone. jic)

The screenshot app does work; I’m not entirely certain on this point, but I think it required the reinstallation of the BSD Subsystem. Your mileage may vary. T

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DIY iPhone HACK – Go SiteHoppin’ on your iPhone or iPod Touch!


Here’s a demo of how you can browse new interesting websites on your iPhone or iPod Touch with SiteHoppin. Now, you can surf the web faster on the go, on your iPhone or iPod Touch, simply by pointing your Safari browser to

Yeah baby! We did it! We are going to build the tightest browser-within-browser for the iPhone and iPod Touch baby!!!

Oh yeah, you can

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